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Today, technology has transformed business processes and unveiled many opportunities along with challenges for the manufacturing sector. In such a scenario, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Enterprise Manufacturing Solutions provide businesses with new digital innovations to thrive in a competitive market. It strengthens crucial links in your supply chain and enables you to develop powerful control over it through a centralized database, process automation, and comprehensive operational and financial insight.

Our Manufacturing supply chain management consulting offers you the perfect ERP for Manufacturing + Manufacturing CRM solutions that equip you with an integrated platform for your business along with an expertise that is responsive to your needs, thus fuelling the growth of efficient and seamless business performance.


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Bidding & Quoting Procedures

The progress of any project-based manufacturing organization centers on authentic and rapid bidding. Quick responses are critical for increasing the chances of winning the bid

Huge capital expended on the various Manufacturing CRM solutions
Need for a single interface to carry out pricing and quotes

System Suited to Needs

The system you use should be designed according to your industry's mode of manufacturing keeping in mind its best practices. It should be geared towards engineering and must be inventory centric.

The system needs to be preprogrammed for project-based processes
The system needs to be less complex and user-friendly

Widespread Visibility

Project-based ERP systems have to deal with tracking of the value obtained in support of revenue recognition to comprehensive cost tracking by project and task.

Need for a Dashboard to impart project visibility
Need for an efficient process to meet turning points

Enhance your Business with a Smart Solution


Business Intelligence

Our enterprise manufacturing solutions enable integration and analysis of complex data for productive decision-making. Our manufacturing industry expertise of years ensures your access to the right technical resources.


CRM Discrete Manufacturing

Our intelligent, Discrete manufacturing CRM solutions which are based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing Industry Solutions enable operation enhancements and bolster efficiency in domestic and international businesses.


Lean Manufacturing ERP Solutions

Our Manufacturing ERP Solutions are extended functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX. They provide insightful data allowing you to predict and make productive decisions, minimize wastes, lower costs, and deliver better customer service.


Manufacturing CRM

Our CRM solutions are Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Field Service. They provide you with a centralized view of customer data, multi-channel communication, and enhanced demand forecasts.


ERP for Manufacturing

Our solution is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and handles all operational processes related to production, planning, and control. Gain greater accuracy, transparency, and adjustability in the planning and handling of complex manufacturing projects.

Solution Benefits

Our Dynamics 365 enterprise manufacturing solutions and manufacturing Supply Chain Consulting, together, allows the expansion of your manufacturing services by effectively managing the multi-currency, country, and company complexities. Omni-channel interaction enables better customer relationships while full control over the supply chain brings greater operational efficiency in your business.

Share and expand knowledge for better productivity
Reduce waste and minimize costs and downtime
Data-rich analytics for strategic decision-making
Anticipatory maintenance to enhance machine lifecycle
Real-time operational visibility
Shorten product development cycle
Innovate products through customer-supplier engagement
Highly secure, web-based technologies

Industry-Specific Capabilities

Connected Field Service

Get a complete view of products through anticipatory maintenance enabled by repair data insights. Minimize downtime and lower costs by connecting employees with the right devices and data.

Connect your Sales and Service

Utilize a common business platform presenting complete details of customer involvement across sales and service channels. Enhance profit margins with cutting-edge Customer Relationship Management solutions.

Create your Factory of the Future Today

Boost operational productivity by connecting people with products through IoT-enabled machines and AI-enhanced applications. Leverage cloud intelligence and develop processes centered around customer satisfaction.

Build an Intelligent Supply Chain

Our Manufacturing supply chain management consulting enables you to reduce complexity by taking advantage of multi-enterprise participation and logistics management tools. The manufacturing Supply Chain Consulting harmonizes service and budget without slowing progress and innovation.

Drive Innovation with Connected Products

Uncover opportunities and drive innovation by integrating digital technology and IoT telemetry with product and customer insights. Develop and approve data-driven products using cloud scalability.


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