Prioritize your Company’s Data & Network Security

It is mandatory for every organization to avail of Managed Security Services and regulates certain security and Compliance Service policies for the well-being of their network and data protection. Many corporates thereby engage in implementing many compliance risk management solutions or other IT security consulting and compliance services.

It is difficult for a company to single-handedly deploy, maintain, and protect all of their implemented technologies adhering to the norms, applicable standards, codes, IT security consulting service regulations, and laws. This is where professional help from IT Security and Compliance Services experts like those at Narola Solutions comes in handy. We not only implement information security management systems(ISMS), but we also carry in-depth compliance solutions assessments.


IT security management services that we provide

Audit and IT Risk assessment

Security is of paramount importance for any IT company today. A single vent of negligence can cause you a loss of lots of money. We streamline compliance for you and strengthen data protection with extensive audits.


Penetration testing

In order to know how the attackers can exploit your data and breach security, we can mimic the attack and derive insight by knowing how far an intruder can penetrate into your system. This throws on the level of security that must be leveraged for your system.


HIPAA Assessment

HIPAA is an acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Under this act, the privacy and security of patient’s confidential data are preserved. An organization working in the niche of healthcare directly/indirectly has to comply with this regulation.


Security Maturity Assessment

Large organizations often fail at minor aspects like identity access management that includes poor passwords setup, authorizations, and authentications. We can implement two-way or multi-factor authentication or single sign-on (SSO) that ensures safe work with cloud and on-premise applications.


Continued support

We are well-equipped with manpower and resources to proactively cater to any security threats posing to your system 24*7*365. We shoulder complete responsibility for protecting you with our IT security consulting services. We encrypt your data and restrict its access to authorized personnel only.


Strategy consulting

After studying your network and identifying its flaws, we come up with applicable solutions in order to ensure IT service management that is free from any risk. We conform to SLAs that guarantee you to work in a relaxed way without worrying about a potential cyberattack.


Benefits of Security and Compliance Services


No losses

You do not have to face unprecedented attacks where you end up losing data, money, or both. You also do not face any govt. penalties.


Stronger Network

You have complete control over who accesses what information and can retract it at any point in time in a hassle-free way. Our information security management by our IT Security and Compliance Services experts shall help you with this.


Layered Security

Only a professional team can help you implement an exhaustive layer of security that is ready to tackle any latest form of cyberattack.


Data Backups

Preserving and storing data that is ready for access anytime anywhere is a big challenge faced by many corporates that can be easily solved by experts.


Brand Advocacy

When you are abiding by all the laws and regulations, your clients trust in your services and products.


Enhanced Productivity

With no time wasted in security setbacks, you will observe traction in the way you serve your customers.

Join hands with us and rule out every risk by mitigating vulnerabilities of your system.