Increase efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Oil and Energy Management Solutions

The energy sector is growing in size with time. The complexity of managing financials and projects is becoming handy with Energy solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Oil and Energy. You can easily collaborate with contractors, designers, and project owners in the cloud without losing any essential data.

These are complete ERP solutions for Oil and energy sector and cover your bases end-to-end. Get business process solutions to meet your current and future requirements by delivering sustainable retail energy management solution. We offer ERP solutions for Oil and Energy to improve efficiency and performance at the best value possible.


Intelligent Energy Management Solutions for a Sustainable Future


Operate for the Future

By optimizing energy use, you are making investments in your operations, enhancing aesthetics, strengthening your net operating income, and helping your bottom line.

Explore Energy Conservation Solutions for more Intelligent Operations

Connect Assets

Improve your business’s energy performance and meet current and future requirements.

Field Service

Improve the energy efficiency of your installations and equipment and get the most out of your energy optimization methods.

Optimize Oil and Gas Operations

Optimize asset maintenance and manage critical information and operations to help you enhance your energy usage.

Modernize with Cloud

Safe and efficient energy management Solutions allow you to improve your business agility & and scale utilities.

Reliability and Risk Management

Enhance the efficiency & productivity of your Energy business without worrying about the risk.


Transition to Clean

Create Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Future. Accelerate the deployment pace, increase cost-competitiveness, and shape a Clean energy market by transitioning India and shaping the future market to clean energy.

Explore Solutions Powering the Transformation to Sustainable Energy

Build Innovative Green Energy Solutions

By delivering energy-specific applications, we aim to adapt and improve energy efficiency through ground-breaking technologies.

Intelligent Edge

We focus on technical excellence from our robust process to client-focused project management.

Transform your Workforce

Our goal is to help you accelerate high-impact digital transformation by making full use of rapid technology change and rapidly and efficiently reaching the depth of numerous opportunities.

Customer Service

We have extensive experience and expertise to understand the challenge and help manage critical operations round the clock.


Transform your Workforce

Our goal is to help you accelerate high-impact digital transformation by making full use of rapid technology change and rapidly and efficiently reaching the depth of numerous opportunities.

Explore Employee Retention Solutions for the Modern Workforce

Workforce Collaboration

By evaluating the current skills and efficiency of each individual worker, we compose the workforce needed for your company to succeed.

Mixed Reality Solutions

Drive performance for the most dynamic and important business processes, contributing to unmatched profitability and cost savings.

Low-code Development Platform

Realize your digital ability, from upstream processing and refining to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for energy services and utilities.

Augmented Worker AI

Enhance the accuracy of skills transfer, increase information retention, and better capture organizational expertise within the company.

Augmented Reality Operator Interface

Augmented and Virtual Reality technology applications have the unique potential to provide data-driven, real-time, and experiential training.


Reimagine Renewable Energy Services

The world is transitioning and, during this process, we strive to improve traditional energy technologies, innovate tirelessly in the development of new, develop a digital platform, and emerging technologies to integrate the entire system into a seamless data framework.

Explore Solutions Enabling a Sustainable Energy Future

Intelligent Spaces and Power Grids

Enable effective retail energy management solution and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable economy.

Energy Management Solutions Innovation

Brings together key insights on emerging innovations and innovative solutions to integrate renewable power.

Building Management

Help meet future energy needs and consider different approaches to contribute to the realm of sustainable building practices.

Retail Energy Management Solution and Optimization

Manage energy needs to power business growth and improve system monitoring with energy usage.

The Carbon Impact of your Azure Services

Adapt and provide new insight to monitor the identification of suitable measures with Azure Services.

Sustainable, Safe, and livable Cities

Consider economic, ecological, and social aspects for energy efficiency, renewable energies, and an efficient future.

Control your Energy Needs with Our Energy Management Solution


Increase Agility

Secure your energy needs and adapt to the changing times and conditions of the market and legislation.


Manage Risk

Tap into this growing market and compile your resources and processes in order to know the risks immediately


Operate for the Future

Integrates data from the clients and managers for smooth operations, economic efficiency, and innovative technologies.


Transform your Workforce

Bring your business the most cost-effective solutions and work in real-time to have complete access to cloud data facilities.

Integrating the Right Energy Mix


Smooth Project Management

When you choose this platform you choose better project scheduling, resource management, risk, and issue management. The projects are on driven MRP and we work with WBS management.



Our ERP Solutions for Oil and Energy help in inventory and shop floor management. Integrate your business processes and adapt to the changing markets. Project accounting and service management are smoothly handled by Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Oil and Energy Sector ERP.


Financial Structural Management

We have an efficient cost breakdown structure and budget management. The project costing and contract variations are all under the change management platform.



The CRM is very particular about lead tracking, opportunity management, outlook integration, and Linkedin sales navigator integration. It also handles your account and contact management on a daily basis.

Benefits of Energy Solutions

When you choose the Energy platform you get a better understanding of Project Business Automation and Real-time data operations. You explore, evaluate, and select the right applications for your projects.

You get a system design expert for your top tier projects
It optimizes the cost and power use
Reduction in the balance of system costs of other application
An advance tracking system to transform your business
Increases the power yield at lower costs
Allows you to respond rapidly at any anomaly

Our Retail Energy Management Solution provides business automation for all sorts of projects.