Run an ace business with Dynamics 365 Migration and Upgrade Services

Are you thinking to turn to cloud migration services as the next step to grow your business? Well, that would be the best decision you can make to accelerate your company's progress. There are some remarkable tools like Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, Dynamics AX, NAV, GP, Sales, and Marketing, etc. that will make your CRM and ERP operations streamlined. They help you cater to customers in a better way and receive the best returns on your investment.

Our Dynamics 365 Migration & upgradation services will take your company from any point in business and help you to effortlessly transfer to using better technologies. We offer consultation for the most suited solutions and implement them for you.


The Right time for Dynamics 365 Migration and Upgrade Services is Now!

Migrating your functions and operations to altogether a new technology can seem like a daunting task. But, innovation and embracing change are inevitable as in the bigger picture, you will reap great returns. With our methodology and technical expertise, we make the entire process quick, affordable.

Curb the Silos within your Business Operations

Dynamics AX Upgrade

Dynamics AX is great if you are concerned about the front-end and back-end functions in your office are in a disconnection. If you are still stuck with Dynamics AX 2009. AX 2012 or the older versions, our experts can easily bring you to the advanced platform with a Microsoft Dynamics AX Upgrade.

  • Switch to a complete Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP Upgrade solution.
  • Opt for “Code” or “Data” upgrade as per the need of your business.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Upgrade

Considering various factors like the current version of NAV that you need an upgrade from, the ease of transfer of data and code from the solution that is in use, we can easily bring your business on track with the latest version. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 provides sample scripts that you can adapt for your deployment architecture.

  • Cloud solution with machine learning & AI incorporated.
  • Intuitive design with industry-specific functionality.
Dynamics GP Upgrades and Legacy ERP Upgrades

You can have a team of knowledgeable experts if you want to migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365. The functionalities of these solutions will gain phenomenal traction for your business.

  • Transform Sales, Marketing, Customer services, & PSA with Dynamics 365 Upgrade CRM (CE)
  • Incorporate comprehensive features and functionalities from the Dynamics 365 migration Solutions.

Your Staircase to a Driving Business


Monetize Your Investments

An outdated or underutilized system is a sign of bad resourcefulness. It drains your investment. Migrating to better technologies especially IoT or cloud platforms can be termed rewarding in the current scenario. You can achieve a competitive edge and excel at providing the best products and cloud migration services for your customers.


Customer-centric ERP and CRM

For any commercial success of an organization, they need to treat the customer as the king. Knowing what your client expects is the key. The aspect of receiving statistical data via smart tools is easily possible with Dynamics 365 implementations. Your ERP & CRM become streamlined.


Automate Financial Operations

It's time you move over the pen and paper accounting or the exhausting sheets. Modern solutions like the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations not only make the tasks fast-paced, but it provides insights to make changes in your work for reaping benefits. It brings the company on one platform on a pan-global level.


Better Strategizing

You can attain a focal point as to which area needs to be worked upon and channelize your resources and attention towards its development. On the other hand, you can also regularly monitor activities throughout your organization without having to meddle with the employees functioning.


Data Migration

One of the biggest challenges that most companies face and practically dread is the draining of data and information in the process of migration. It often occurs that the post-migration situation becomes chaotic due to the incompatibility of storage formats. At Narola Solutions, we focus on the transition to being smooth. There is an end-to-end implementation with a stepwise approach after thorough assessments of your present deployment and goals.

  • Mitigate any additional investments for customizations and setups.
  • Manage inventories, finances, human resources, sales, and marketing in a modern way
  • A single point of access to all projects, vendors, customers, and employees.
  • Your work does not halt even in the transformation. Work endlessly.
  • Configure the system for security and authorization.
  • Receive continuous support for the implemented solution.

Business Enhancements with Dynamics 365 Upgrade


Integrated Platform

You can now collaborate on the ERP and CRM operations on a single cloud platform for better productivity.


Save on Expenses

You do not have to spend on additional hardware, software customizations. Every module that suits your businessrequirements, exists.

business mobility

Business Mobility

You can expand your business unlimitedly as there is the flexibility to share data anytime, anywhere due to cloud migration services and multiple devices compatibility.


Intelligent Tools

You can leverage new functionality with machine learning, the AI-driven insights, and reports with upgrades and migration to the Dynamics 365 solutions suite.


Customer Engagement

You can give a better experience to your clients via omnichannel commerce and better support by addressing queries as every data is available on a single platform.


Secured Future

The Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) ensure that you are always upgraded with the latest technology in the industry.


Automatic Micro-maintenance

With options to have complete backup and recovery in case of disaster keeps you secure always and prevents any vulnerabilities.


Explore More

With the right technology in hand, you get better insights into your business and know what’s lacking to make a breakthrough in the industry.


Free Assessment

Narola Solutions is committed to helping you make the right choices for upgrades and migration in your business. You can approach us for a free assessment to analyze the current state of your functions & operations to anticipate the level of modifications required.

  • A complete overview of the existing deployment.
  • Recommendations on whether to upgrade or migrate.
  • A roadmap to technological implementation.
  • An estimated timeline and budget with which it would be accomplished.
  • A team of experts provides a documented summary of the analysis.

Make the most of your business by carrying out a Dynamics 365 upgrade assessment today!