Accelerate your Manufacturing Business with Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • With the revolution in technology, transforming operations and enhancing productivity is the top-most preference of many manufacturing businesses. They are struggling hard to embrace top-level productivity throughout their supply chain operations.

  • If being a manufacturer, you want to build a solid foundation to deliver impeccable business management solutions, you’re at the right place! In this blog, we’ll tell you how you can bring digital transformation to your manufacturing company.

Manufacturing CRM and ERP Systems - Are They Worth It?

Yes, they are totally worth it! Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the topmost CRM and ERP systems across the world to deliver high-end results and services.

As this platform offers a wide range of tools, it has long been a favorite one for most manufacturers. Especially the Manufacturing ERP Software solutions like Dynamics NAV and AX are most loved by the manufacturers of all types.

In the era of massive digital transform, Microsoft helps manufacturers streamline and enhance their processes. It also let them render their customers with modish tools to have great support and assistance.

There are many more benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for manufacturing ERP solutions.

5 Noteworthy Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the Manufacturing Industry

    1. Streamlined Supply Chain Data & Operations

    It’s quite challenging to have real-time information for each process running across your supply chain. From sales data to suppliers’ records, order fulfillment details, product’s performance, and customer services, everything needs to be acknowledged properly.

    By connecting your business data with supply chain and applications like maps or weather forecasting, manufacturers can reduce time and cost. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based and mobile-enabled solution that comes equipped with the latest technology like AI and ML.

    It can help businesses to implement a system that acts as a ‘centralized source of truth’. It creates more accurate schedules, forecasts, and budgets, which makes your business more efficient and productive.

    2. Efficient Asset Management

    With Dynamics 365, you can closely observe your machinery through data processing in real-time. From performance to data usage and machine lifecycle information, everything can be viewed anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Even the issues can be fixed the same way.

    With a combination of an innovative ERP for manufacturing like Dynamics 365, manufacturers can track their assets and manage them effectively.

    They can also spot broken or inefficient components and use the collected data to work more smartly.

    3. Data Usage

    IoT is not only allowing manufacturers to stay in sync with their equipment and processes, but also relieving impressive data. How smartly businesses use this data would add more value to their success in the modern-age industry!

    Merging this centralized intelligence with the built-in AI capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 would help manufacturers in the following ways:

    • Gain actionable insights from their data
    • Make smart predictions based on previous actions and events
    • Graduate from being reactive to staying one step ahead.

    4. Enhanced Innovation

    Time is money for any business. It’s a big headache for manufacturers to reduce production cycles and promote products more quickly.

    Thanks to MS Dynamics 365 for delivering exceptional enterprise manufacturing solutions. You can have greater visibility into all your business operations that help in cost-reduction and process optimization. By getting all information in real-time, manufacturers get more freedom to enhance the way they work.

    5. Increased Profitability

    With Manufacturing CRM solutions, you can embrace the wonderful capabilities of Dynamics 365 tools and intelligence to –

    • Make services better
    • Ensure faster delivery
    • Provide more customer-centric solutions.
    • Eliminate waste
    • Reduce errors
    • And offer more value to their customers.

13 Manufacturing Applications by Microsoft Maximizing the Business Growth & Revenue

In today’s world, everything is complicated. From products to supply chain and customers’ requirements, you can manage it all with Dynamics 365 manufacturing industry solutions.

Most of the new-age manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to promote their products and enhance productivity. To some, that works by purchasing new machines, resourcing new employees, and many more. But the fact is that only technology implementation has the power to transform it.

Dynamics 365 is designed specifically to meet the varying manufacturing needs and support multiple business models. It provides real-time visibility while enabling your employees to stay connected and informed at each stage of the process. Let’s have a look at the following business applications by Microsoft Dynamics 365 transforming the Supply Chain Management Consulting.

    1. Finance

    Exceptional financial capabilities with built-in predictive analytics and intelligence.

    2. Supply Chain

    Logistics, production, and warehouse management to ensure connected sales and purchasing processes with real-time visibility throughout the supply chain.

    3. Commerce

    Greater insightful shopping experiences across any channel.

    4. Human Resources

    Streamlined human resourcing to increase the performance and agility of employees and produce a modern working experience.

    5. Customer Service

    Faster, personalized, and more intelligent support to fulfill the expectations of customers and build strong relationships with them.

    6. Customer Insights

    Unify the customer data to get a single consolidated view of customers and drive meaningful customer engagements.

    7. Field Service

    Dive customer satisfaction and increase your technician's productivity through outstanding services.

    8. Marketing

    Create seamless customer experiences with dedicated and predictive marketing efforts.

    9. Project Operations

    Manage projects, streamline resources delivery, and boost operational efficiency with a single business application.

    10. Sales

    Understand the customers’ needs and close more sales by delivering an unforgettable buying experience.

    11. Artificial Intelligence

    Unmatched AI solutions, machine learning, data sciences, robotics, IoT, and more to bring automation to what you do.

    12. Power Platform

    Embrace the next-level business intelligence to design low-code custom apps and experience organizational process automation.

    13. Azure IoT

    Automate processes and systems by real-time advanced analytics, connectivity, device and data management, and more.

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