A Guide to Transformation in Manufacturing with Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • The term ‘Digital Transformation’ has attracted a lot of manufacturers across the world. With digitization, a rise in the latest trends and innovations occurs. In the manufacturing segment, it resulted in Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing, and smart factories.

  • By using current technology, you can improve your business processes, offerings, and services. It’s about how you transform your organization and make it more capable and efficient to elevate your business growth.

  • At the forefront of the Digital Transformation, there come the manufacturing ERP solutions that are built on the cloud. By using these ERP models, you can experience outstanding connectivity and distributed workloads.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Enterprise Manufacturing Solutions?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 stands as the true leader of ERP for manufacturing. It gives you the flexibility to reshape your business application completely customizable based on your manufacturing business’ unique needs.

Whether you’re into the process, repetitive, discrete, or lean manufacturing, with Dynamics 365, you can have real-time visibility into your manufacturing operations.

It helps you establish more collaborative and fruitful partnerships with suppliers. You can embrace critical business intelligence to empower your employees and develop deeper and more fruitful relationships with customers.

Above all, Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you streamline your manufacturing industry solutions more efficiently while improving quality and ensuring compliance.

Start benefiting today with fully integrated and end-to-end ERP and manufacturing CRM solutions offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365. Learn how Microsoft encompasses every aspect of business management and manufacturing!

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Transforms Manufacturing Operations?

Here’s how using Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can ensure smooth processing of operations throughout the manufacturing lifecycle.

    1. Production Control

    From market demand, to supply chain, Dynamics 365 offers a user-friendly interface to help you manage the different variables of production scheduling.

    It lets you embrace the visual tools to easily create different planning scenarios and adjust production schedules under changing circumstances.

    2. Supply Chain Management

    Enjoy the best manufacturing tools to accurately predict demand and manage the inventory throughout all your warehouse and production locations.

    You may also create unique strategies for distribution, warehouse management, material procurement, sourcing, and quality control. Moreover, Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes equipped with helpful tools that can enhance your supplier relationships and make selling easier.

    3. Sales, Marketing and Service

    By using this efficient platform, you can merge your ERP and CRM operations into one comprehensive solution. From identifying leads opportunities to leads management, and customers’ behavior analysis, you can streamline your sales, marketing, and service efforts in one go.

    4. Human Resource Management

    When you have a lot of workforces, it becomes hard to manage them. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for manufacturing, you can ensure the smooth handling of financial and legal aspects, even payroll.

    It facilitates talent and workforce management to help you identify the talent of your employees and use their expertise accordingly.

    5. Business Intelligence and Reporting

    Transform your enterprise manufacturing solutions from embedded business intelligence while having an in-depth knowledge of your financial conditions.

    Also, monitor your production performance and your supplier and distributor networks through AI-driven analytics and Power BI reports. It helps in making business-critical decisions to boost your company’s growth and revenue.

    Dynamics 365 is a unifying solution for manufacturing. As your company grows and expands, you need to look for unique solutions to match new needs and fix the challenges. A lack of unity in your system can call disparity.

    With the seamless implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365, you get a modern cloud integration platform that streamlines all departments across your company.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Unique Manufacturing Needs

At Narola Solutions, we have seen customized processes, hybrid environments, and discrete operations for manufacturing. Regardless of your industry, process, and objective, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing can always be relied on for support.

Whether you’re a food, chemical, paper, or steel manufacturer, you can trust Dynamics 365 for outstanding Process Manufacturing Production.

It offers some amazing tools that can help you control your operations and maximize the assets while reducing additional costs. It also helps with easy monitoring of the impact of decisions taken for production, orders, distribution, and inventory.

    Food Industry

    In the food industry, there come certain specific challenges that go far beyond the stand-alone distribution as well as manufacturing operations.

    It requires imposing certain regulatory standards like expiry dates, special handling, and so on to take care of.

    This is where Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes in the role. It helps food and beverage manufacturers overcome such challenges while meeting their optimal inventory levels, demand, and quality control needs.

    Steel Industry

    To survive in the industry, steel manufacturers need to remain ahead of the competition. As there’s a scarcity of raw materials, the right resources, and the manufacturing cost is rising, competition is getting stiffer in this industry.

    Whether you’re running a startup or owning a large multinational company, it’s essential to have a 360-degree view of your business processes.

    With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing, you can get real-time visibility into all your business operations from start to end.

    Paper Manufacturing

    Likewise, in all other industries, paper manufacturers also strive for excellence. Using this wonderful platform, they can also streamline their production, sales, inventory control, finance, and delivery processes.

    Process and Hybrid Manufacturing

    Address the processes of production and distribution with integrated functionality using Dynamics 365. It helps in better planning and management of production, accounting, and distribution.

Key Features of Microsoft Manufacturing ERP Solutions -

Let’s explore the Industry-specific key features of your ERP and CRM platform to maximize your business growth

  • Approved vendor set up, plus maintenance
  • Multi-dimensional inventory capability
  • Purchase pricing based upon actual potency
  • End-to-end visibility
  • Commodity pricing management
  • Formula management
  • Product management
  • Potency management
  • Inventory batch and Attribute pricing management
  • Expiry items management
  • Rebate as well as trade promotion management
  • Batch order sequencing
  • Containerized packaging
  • Vendor batch detail set up and maintenance
  • Iot inheritance
  • Batch balancing for potency formulas
  • Consolidated Order
  • Catch-weight

If you’re ready to make the next move and would like to know how you can digitally transform your manufacturing company. Connect with us and take the next step towards a more connected and efficient manufacturing company.

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