What is Dynamics 365 Commerce (Retail)

A retail business has multiple aspects to look after. You start at the bottom with resourcing to the top at excelling in providing the best shopping experience to your customers for their satisfaction.

This unified retail platform, cloud-based omnichannel retail solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce support can come in very handy to streamline your multitasking woes. It will handle all physical and digital channels end-to-end and give traction to your business.

  • Engage customers & win loyalty

    Giving the customer what they are exactly looking for every single time is the dream of every retail business. Dynamics 365 Commerce partner recommendations services help you do just that. It uses artificial intelligence i.e. it has AI-driven recommendations that give you a list of recommended items based on your client’s purchase history, wishlist, and recent buys.

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    Exceed customer expectations

    A remarkable shopping experience includes the customer having a sales associate who knows the store inside out. Your employee can have all the information about the availability of a particular product with details like size, color, price, etc at their fingertips. This gives the shopper a delightful shopping experience.

  • Customised Digital commerce

    Microsoft Dynamics for Retail is a cloud-based platform. It is suitable for every retail business due to its flexibility. It is easily customizable to suit your needs. And, surprisingly doing that does not require extensive coding. An efficient Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce partner who is a certified consultant and holds Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce licensing, can set the solution apt for your needs in almost no time.

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    Streamline and optimise your Retails

    The Microsoft cloud solution, Dynamics for Retail, is built to carry out all your business operations, store customer data, and organize sales processes. It takes of everything involved in a successful chain of a retail business from the back office to the sales floor. With all the information about your products at the tip of your hand will yield great business profits.

  • Obtain the security you need

    When you run a retail e-commerce business, one of the highest priorities is to offer to your customers, a frictionless shopping experience. The transactions and order placement should hold complete security. You would like to eliminate wrongful rejections and minimize any fraud losses. This is made possible with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce implementation.


Key capabilities of Dynamics 365 Retail

Modern Store

Boost the productivity of your employees for consumer convenience. Equip them with complete details of the inventory, products going in and out, and managing cash on a single software.


Maintain uniform information on all platforms. This omnichannel cloud-based ERP solution will bring all processes like managing orders, processing payments, and complaint redressal through call centers on same page.


Manually hunting for the products desired by the client or handling issues of disparity with online sales, etc. is a thing of the past with AI-driven insights of Microsoft Dynamic 365 Commerce.


Reward your best customers with loyalty programs. You can benefit from their quality feedbacks and inputs and work on better-targeted promotions, and digital marketing among others.

Effective Merchandise

Your store can excel in product management and you can make informed decisions as to what works in favour of your store with regular auto-generated reports based on customer response.

Adaptable and
Secure Platform

With the trust of Microsoft, your business secrets are all secure across multiple platforms like Windows, iOS, Android, and web browsers. No additional security, or privacy training required.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce to boost your retail business

Transform your business and earn a competitive edge in the world of Retail and e-Commerce with the multi-functional, scalable, and global Microsoft dynamics 365 Commerce support. Always serve the customer with his desires without a doubt. Scale up your profits with the supreme solution Microsoft Dynamics for Retail.


Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail good for any type of retail business?

Yes, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce caters to almost all retail businesses on multi-dimensional retail channels also known as Omnichannel solution for retail, like:
  • omnichannel Brick and Mortars
  • online-marketplace Online marketplace
  • ecommerce-websites Ecommerce websites
  • call-centers Call centers
  • self-serve-kiosks Self-serve kiosks

Will Dynamics 365 for Retail and Retail Awareness work with my existing POS and eCommerce sites? +

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail solution & technologies is implementable for your existing e-commerce website. You do not need an additional stand-alone system. It includes a configurable inventory replenishment engine, does not require any integration with the built-in POS, and minimal integration needs for an external POS system. >

Is Dynamics 365 for Retail on-premises or online? +

Dynamics 365 for Retail is backed by robust deployment options. It is developed for a cloud-based utility which makes it very reliable and secure for online utility. Moreover, it is equally well suited for on-premises applications. Based on your licensing, you can avail of the facilities of the Dynamics 365 commerce solution.

Does Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail support buy online and pick up in-store? +

Yes, Dynamics 365 Commerce integration makes customer engagements possible on both physical and digital channels. A customer can make their purchase online using any device, opt for in-store pickups, or at- home deliveries, among other unique capabilities.

Do you want to take the next big step to change how you run your retail or online e-commerce business