Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is an integrated suite that has multiple tools that cater to the specific aspect of your business i.e. customer engagement. It gives a detailed insight based on the success of previous endeavors carried out in your organization and helps campaign planning & execution, data extraction along with necessary analytics and reporting. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Customer Engagement will let you know your customers better and help you make informed decisions.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Customer Engagement Modules

Having the right set of tools to assert customer relationship management in the finest way possible can prove to be a breakthrough especially when you are in a product or service-based business that has direct interaction with the users or clientele. Here are the best solutions that will harmonize CRM tasks for you:

  • Sales

    Quick access to all your products, their pricing, and availability can be of great help to the sales division. It makes the creation and delivery of estimation very fast-paced. You can have the complete information of your customers that are online and also those who directly connect with you offline.

  • Marketing

    This powerful tool enables multi-channel tracking of campaigns, customer behavior, and employs planning tools that generate sales-ready leads that will help your team to convert into profitable clients. You can make the most of the marketing module by combining it with existing apps and services on any platform.

  • Customer Service

    The major part of a successful business is keeping your client happy so that they keep coming back to you for your products and services. A great customer engagement strategy involves prompt action on any customer grievances. This module helps in task automation and helps scheduling, analytics, and reporting across teams to endow the best experience to its clients.

  • Project Service Automation

    The PSA module is an ace solution when it comes to planning a project and optimization of resources. Since Microsoft Dynamics CRM is cloud-based, it has centralized information that helps in PSA. The process becomes error-free and hence productive as each employee has information in hand.

  • Field Service

    The business scenario today involves many things like artificial intelligence and IoT to be covered. The Field Services solution can lead you by integrating industry-specific software and backend systems seamlessly on the Microsoft platform. It is most suitable for industries like Manufacturing, Engineering, Construction, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Distribution, etc.


Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement

Why Microsoft Dynamics
CRM is important?

Today’s businesses flourish only when they break the siloed approach in their organization. Your customers are of the generation that values transparency and is well-informed. They trust a business where every entity dealing with them is knowledgeable and knows how to cater to their needs. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, this becomes possible. A customer relationship management solution that will harmonize all the functions with shared data overall hierarchies providing the relevant information is the need of the hour for your business.


Beneficiaries of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Software Solution

The different entities in your organization that may benefit and emerge as assets from Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Customer engagement are:


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