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Cloud Migration services offer you an array of possibilities where in you can explore limitlessly to expand and seamlessly function with the Dynamics 365 tools which are tailor-made to suit your industry of business. You can empower your employees by providing them unhindered access to innovations like AI and predictive analytics to excel in their work.

Narola Solutions is the best cloud migration consultant that can provide support to help you migrate from your on-premise solution to the cloud. Cloud migration service providers are great in order to enhance teamwork and boost productivity in your organization. Your employees in remote locations can work in conjunction to help you reap better results and take your business to better prospects for success.


Effective Cloud Migration Services


Core Cloud Infrastructure

We are an experienced team of Microsoft-certified professionals who are capable of making cloud automation easy for your Agile development teams. We leverage the DevOps methodologies to realize expected outcomes for you.

  • Enjoy data protection and system security with AWS cloud migration services
  • Employees can access, edit & share any app or document over the internet.

Exclusive Applications

You and your team can now focus on the core processes and operations of your business without having to worry about enterprise mobility, performance optimization, and any support and maintenance for the Azure Cloud migration services.

  • Real-time insights & easy access dashboards that gain traction in customer engagement.
  • Boost the overall productivity and operational efficiency of your company.

Easy Data Availability

Azure Cloud migration services can guarantee 99.95% up-time. It offers periodic backups and multiple recovery options, thus protecting you from any system failure. Moreover, you do not need any additional expensive or powerful infrastructure.

  • The applications are easy for maintenance as they are stored on cloud and not any particular device of the user.
  • Mitigate risks as there is no unauthorized access plus you can never run out of storage space for your data.

Our Approach

We carry out a step-wise approach for end-to-end implementation of Cloud migration Services in your company. It is a 3-step approach that guarantees an effortless transition.




We try to understand the current implementation of the tools that helps us to decode the level of data migration scope, Whether your implementation requires an upgrade, an add-on, or replacement.


We offer recommendations for various integrations as opposed to templated cloud migration methods. We also set up licenses, project schedule after evaluating its scope & resources.


Cloud migration Services



We prepare a conducive environment for migration by preparing data and code to be migrated. This step also involves all the customizations & configurations to be undertaken.


The decided workflow is implemented and all the plugins and integrations are enabled and the system is verified by proper testing of transferred data and functionality of tools.





We handover the system completely after training your employees hands-on to achieve maximum out of the new setup. We also test the initial transition for ease and functionality by regular monitoring.


We ensure that the client is completely satisfied with Cloud migration Services and leave no stone unturned. We are open to future support & maintenance required by the client 24*7 and abide by all SLAs.


Benefits of cloud migration consulting services

The decision to take your existing business on a cloud services platform can reap great returns and impact in transforming it completely for the better. Get ready to be geared in for high-performance deliverables.


Data Security

The data and information that you have stored over the years for your business is your gold. The trade secrets are a matter of immense security. With our cloud migration consulting services, you can rest assured that your sensitive business data is protected in state-of-the-art centers owned and managed by Microsoft.


Reduced Expenses

The cost of ownership is substantially reduced as we can help you implement a broad set of Cloud migration Services offered by cloud infrastructure. They have in-built automatic costing algorithms that drive you towards better spending and reducing extra costs.



A breakthrough reason why you must embrace the power of cloud automation is that it offers you an immense scope of flexibility and scalability. You can expand your business overnight. Introducing new teams in your company from any part of the world will not be stalled due to the lack or limitation of the IT infrastructure.


Cloud Governance

With cloud migration service providers, you receive access to better tools, and also incorporating them becomes feasible. Development, deployment, maintenance, etc. all become streamlined. It affects the generated outputs. Narola Solutions is a leading AWS cloud migration services provider that gives you the freedom to define your engagement models with flexible SLAs.


Better Applications

Narola Solutions displays managed cloud expertise by making use of cloud infrastructures such as Amazon Web Service (AWS), Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, etc. for a better experience on working with the Dynamics 365 solutions tools throughout your company. The implementations offer deep insights about your clientele.


Handy Resources

The upgrade to the cloud services platform can help you slash many hardware and software requirements. It can boost the productivity of employees by not limiting access to resources and enabling them to work from anywhere at any time. It largely reduces the maintenance costs for software like backups, upgrades, and patches.


Fuel Business Needs

A major department for any industry today that takes up a lot of work and resourcing is essentially the CRM customer relationship management and ERP enterprise resource planning. We employ familiar tools like Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Power BI to help you bring both ERP & CRM on a single platform for a panoramic view of your business.

Get ready for the transition towards better capabilities with Managed Cloud Services.