Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure - Top 5 Benefits of It

  • Remote working has become a hot topic over the past few months.

  • During the pandemic, we have all seen a major shift in the way that businesses are operating. Keeping the safety of employees in mind, most companies have embraced the ‘Work from Home’ culture.

  • Though the changes never come alone, they bring major challenges along. When it comes to remote working, using the right technology is important to ensure a smooth transition from on-premise to work-from-home.

  • Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is one such application that meets your expectations and serves your organization with the best services.

  • Here, in this blog, we’ll discuss the top benefits of Microsoft Remote Desktop Service (RDS). If you’re planning to acquire such technology for your organization, must read the blog below!

What is Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)?

WVD is a relatively new remote working technology that enables you to provide virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to your employees.

It’s an internet hosted desktop service that allows you to access your desktop and apps anytime, anywhere, and from any device. That means, even if you are away from your computer and need to access imp files, you can do it in minutes.

Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop is hosted on Azure and is the only application that optimizes Office 365 ProPlus in Windows 10. It simplifies the work management through the outstanding Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.

Using this application, you can virtualize and deploy both legacy and new apps to Microsoft Azure on Windows Virtual Desktop. However, there are a lot more benefits to Microsoft WVD. Let’s check out here!

Top 5 Benefits of Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop

Here’s uncovering the major benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that the organizations can have!

  • 1. Flexibility

    When your desktops are hosted virtually, your team would need to access it to ensure smooth working.

    With Microsoft Remote Desktop Service (RDS), they can access the shared desktops without specifying their location or device.

    Hence, it gives flexibility to your employees and team members to work at their own pace and place.

    2. Cost-Saving

    The remote desktop services typically come with relatively minimal cost if the organization’s server setup already exists. In other words, acquiring Azure DevOps is much more than just an initial cost.

    The upgrades and maintenance of the software can take significant time and effort from your IT Team. Microsoft Azure Backup Recovery Services save you a lot of time, money, as well as efforts.

    It’s a smart investment that has the potential to bring a significant return.

    3. Automated Upgrades

    As your business grows, you need to adapt the latest work methodologies to stay in pace with the latest trends going across the industry. While the IT team in your company would love to work on PCs, the creative team would prefer Apple products.

    All different departments and teams would have different requirements. With different operating systems and app versions, updating them, and ensuring regular maintenance gets a hectic task for the admin team.

    To deal with such a situation, a virtual desktop becomes a solution! It centralizes the updating process to make it more dynamic.

    4. High-end Security

    Digital security becomes an increasingly essential concern for any organization. A virtual environment will play a significant part in making your business more secure and authentic.

    With Azure Active Directory, you can store important data at a centralized location which only concerned members can access. It allows you to keep the important files and data of the company in the right hands. You may also ensure the smooth recovery of the data during any damages or losses that occurred at the cloud server.

    5. Increased Productivity

    Moving to a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) will certainly improve your organization’s productivity. Using Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, you can ensure more lean and agile operations across the company.

    The employees can work with greater efficiency and flexibility while protecting the data against breaches.


Considering the above benefits, it’s clear that Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop can be highly beneficial for your organization.

If you’re looking for Microsoft Azure Consulting Partners to ensure the seamless implementation of this application, we can help. At Narola Solutions, we can help you make a smooth transition to WVD to enhance your organization’s operations.

Let’s acquire our Microsoft Azure consulting services to take significant advantages of WVD. Connect with us to take it further!

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