How Microsoft Azure Keeps Your Data Safe Against Ransomware Attacks?

  • Hacking companies’ important data through Ransomware and causing them huge damages has turned out to be a lucrative industry for criminals. The hackers steal the data and threaten victims to land them money against the promise of restoring the encrypted data.

  • However, it’s important to note that most of the ransomware attacks have happened due to poor protection and data vulnerability. Whenever there is a security hole in your business processes or data storing systems, ransomware finds its way to make the damages.

  • Being a business owner, it’s natural to get worried about your company’s crucial data and information. To protect your data against ransomware attacks, you can use software that uses encryption methods to store and save data.

  • With Microsoft Azure Backup Security, you can be relieved of the headache of storing data and ensuring high-end protection. The system does it all!

Learn More About Microsoft Azure Backup

Having a backup system isn’t just a smart way to deal with computer crashes. It can also save you from data recovery when it’s compromised or hacked. With Microsoft Azure Services on your side, your employees can create, manage, and deploy applications throughout all of Microsoft’s datacenters.

What’s the best part of implementing it is that it makes the data easily accessible to your employees! They can access it from any location, device, and at any time. Furthermore, you can add customization to its tools and other frameworks to get desired outcomes.

Why Choose Azure Backup Security? 5 Key Features to Consider:

  • 1. Data Encryption

    This is the foremost offering that people look in any security system. And especially when storing sensitive information in a public cloud is not safe, data encryption plays a crucial role. It keeps your data protected with password authentication that can be unlocked only by authorized persons who have access.

    2. Unlimited Data Transfer

    With Azure, you can transfer unlimited data without needing to pay anything for it. Although, if you are transferring any large amount of data, you may need to pay a certain amount of fee after a certain level.

    3. Auto Storage

    This is probably one of the most popular features of the Azure Backup security system. The Microsoft Azure services enable auto backup to save you a lot of time and effort. You may also save money on paying only for those features that you will be using. Let’s assume, you’re using only storage devices that are on-premises. So, it won’t cost you anything extra.

    4. Data Consistency

    Regular backups through Microsoft Azure Cloud Services allows a much shorter restoration time, which everyone loves. It doesn’t matter which type of server or application you need to protect; you won’t need extra fixes with Microsoft Azure.

    5. Long Term Retention

    The most important thing to note about cloud storage is that you can you’re your data stored on the cloud as long as you want. There would no time limit to keep your data safe in the Azure cloud.

In Conclusion -

No matter what type of business you deal in, you can always keep your data 100% secured with Azure. If you think Azure is a great fit for your business and would like to make the next move, we can help. Narola Solutions is the certified Microsoft Azure partner that can help you with seamless implementation and maintenance.

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