5 Ways Azure Windows Virtual Desktop Can Transform Business Continuity

  • With changing situations and work patterns across the world, organizations are increasingly facing a challenging tradeoff. Keeping their employees safe while meeting the business needs and customer satisfaction, they must take care of everything.

  • To accommodate employees with WFH policies, companies must be well-prepared with the underlying hardware, software, and support infrastructure requirements. After all, these aspects might become a major hindrance to a hassle-free collaboration.

  • Moreover, the employees must have the flexibility to access the data and apps from anywhere, on any device.

  • With Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), everything is streamlined and centralized. It enables organizations to ensure business continuity with out-of-the-box remote working solutions that make their employees work hassle-free and with greater productivity.

  • Windows Virtual Desktop offers a centralized console and a wide range of backup and disaster recovery capabilities. So, if you’re worried about the challenges faced in keeping up with business continuity, relax!

  • Know more about Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) to understand how it helps your organization as well as the employees:

Business Continuity with Microsoft Azure WVD

For any business, the safety of their employees matters the most. Happy and healthy employees are the assets to the growth of any company.

The best way to keep your employees satisfied is to provide them the ease to work at their own pace. What’s better than ‘work from home’ policy?

With Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, meeting your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is easier than ever. And the best part is that the employees can be productive from the safest location, on any device.

You can help your employees activate the Windows Virtual Desktop and access all crucial data at a centralized location in just one-click. Microsoft WVD provides a comprehensive formula for keeping employees safe and the business strong, no matter what the situation is.

With Azure Windows Virtual Desktops are hosted in a virtual environment, you can ensure increased protection and high-end security against data breaches. It also gives you numerous benefits for business continuity. Check out below!

5 Benefits of Business Continuity with Microsoft Azure Services

  • 1. Full Desktop Virtualization

    With an Azure subscription, your employees won’t need to use gateway servers to access a virtual desktop. Eliminating the need for additional servers, you can save time, maintenance costs, and team efforts.

    2. Fast Deployment

    You can quickly deploy Windows Virtual Desktop as it’s a cloud-based solution. On the other hand, the on-premise system consumes a lot of time in system cleaning, app implementation, and much more.

    However, with WVD, your employee gets a new desktop environment with all the required applications to continue their work. You can save the system configurations for each department so, if there’s a new user, you can quickly deploy the same configuration.

    3. Easy Access

    With Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, employees can connect to their Windows Virtual Desktops through any device. They can continue their work from any location, at any time, and through any device, be it mobile, laptop, tablet, or PC. It enhances the productivity of employees.

    4. Cost-Saving

    With traditional computers, you need to maintain the high-end configuration, memory, and storage capacity which requires extra features in the system. However, with virtual desktops, you can access the virtual environment regardless of your computer’s specifications. All you need to have is a working internet connection. This saves organizations a huge cost of buying new computers for their employees.

    5. 100% Secured

    Keeping your data stored in an on-premise system brings up security concerns. On the other hand, keeping it saved on the cloud ensures greater protection and security against cyberattacks and malicious activities.

    Even if accidentally, your data is lost or compromised, you can easily get back the access on the same through Azure Cloud solutions.

The overall benefits of Microsoft Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) add to business continuity as cloud environments. They make your employees’ operations regardless of their location and device. If you want to see how it exactly works, connect with our Microsoft Azure Consulting Partners and Professionals.

They will guide you through the entire process from implementation to execution, working, optimization, and more.

Let’s connect today to get Microsoft Azure Consulting Services at your fingertips!

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