Maximizing the DevOps Services Potential with Azure and GitHub

  • In a technology-driven world, software developers are the most important assets any company can have. From the first lines of codes to deployment and maintenance, they can ensure the seamless execution of everything. To make your developers’ task easier and more convenient, you can avail them the best tools to maximize their productivity.

  • Productivity doesn’t come just from using innovative tools, one must have the required expertise to make the most of those tools. And, when it’s about the productivity of developers, having great tools, features-rich, and compatible with almost all operating systems is blissful.

  • Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can get your developers easier or quicker tools to develop advanced apps? Your team can transform your business websites or software through embracing the power of AI or Machine Learning.

  • By integrating Microsoft Azure DevOps with GitHub, you can leverage open-source software and a handful of lines of code. You can get a fully functional app with advanced capabilities in no time at all.

  • Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based solution with built-in developer services. On the other hand, GitHub is building a solid foundation to be Microsoft’s core DevOps Platform.

  • Let’s see how integrating GitHub with Microsoft Azure DevOps services and solutions can have a huge impact on the development process!

Benefits of GitHub and Azure DevOps Implementation Services

Embrace Microsoft DevOps with GitHub to deliver fast and efficient services and accelerate innovation!

  • 1. Next-Level Innovation

    Improved app performance

    Enhanced cloud adaptability

    Multilevel collaboration and effective knowledge sharing

    Outstanding innovation in project management.

    2. Fast Delivery Speed

    Increased performance with quick turn around time

    Rapid integration and implementation

    Frequent code testing and staged environment releases.

    3. Unmatched Flexibility

    High-end scalability

    Compatible with any language, platform, and cloud

    Unmatched control and support over the entire cloud state

    Effective work management at every stage of development.

    4. Simplified Processes

    Fast & easy development

    Simplified purchasing for Azure DevOps consulting services

    24*7 active support for GitHub enterprise

    5. Unbreakable Security

    End-to-end code protection with high-level security

    Automated regulatory and policy checks

    Streamlined validations enforced post-deployment

    Effective testing, vulnerability reviews, and extended support.

DevOps enables developers to speed up product delivery. This can be done with increased collaboration by bringing people together through shared common goals and shift their focus on improvisation.

How DevOps App Works Great with Integration of GitHub & Azure?

Technology plays a crucial role in enabling the team’s collaboration. Enhancing the employee’s productivity through bringing automation in their development, delivery and operational processes has become mandatory.

Increasing the delivery speed also increases efficiency and builds up confidence in the developers. If you want to get better products delivered faster to ensure customer satisfaction, leverage Azure DevOps services with GitHub integration.

The process works within 3 easy steps -

  • Step 1 – Strategy Mapping

    Identify Business Drivers

    Introduce GitHub and DevOps Targeted Practices

    Review Application

    Define Strategy & Scope

  • Step 2 – Implementation

    Source Code Integration or Migration

    CI/CD Automation

    Environment Provisioning Automation

  • Step 3 – Conclusion

    Results Presentation

    Knowledge Transfer

    Next Steps Identification

    Support and Mentoring

At Narola Solutions, we provide all required DevOps consulting services to ensure successful implementation. Every aspect we design is to accelerate technology adoption and streamline the modernization process.

Being a qualified DevOps certified partner, we ensure seamless integration of advanced Azure DevOps services and GitHub repositories.

Are you looking to improve the speed and quality of your development process with added innovation? Do you feel burdened and outdated to implement the latest innovation? Is it difficult to maintain application stability and reliability?

You can achieve all of these objectives by embracing the merged capabilities of DevOps and GitHub practices. We can help you with the entire process from start to end. Connect with us and begin your journey towards modernization.

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