Upgrade with Salesforce CRM Re-implementation in your Business

  • Companies that are already using a CRM system implemented long ago must be stuck with an older version. They likely have initially implemented Salesforce for all the right reasons. Transparent reporting for management, easy views of the sales pipeline, and more efficient ways to complete daily operations.

  • Considering the initial goals for Salesforce CRM implementation and how it’s working today may lead to the need for system re-implementation. However, from the first implementation, these priorities of the companies may now have shifted to the new age system with advanced technology.

  • In this blog, we’ll discuss the challenges that companies trying to re-implement their Salesforce CRM might face. Alongside this, you may also check out the ways to ensure seamless Salesforce Implementation services.

How to Find if Your Business Needs Salesforce Re-implementation?

Let’s check out these 5 major symptoms that tell your organization needs a Salesforce CRM re-implementation -

Well, mostly, it’s due to the poor salesforce user adoption. If your employees can’t participate in the creation or up-keeping of the platform, whole efforts and process seem to be failed.

Here are the 5 most popular adoption challenges that major companies have faced -

  • 1. Your business needs and goals have been changed.

    As your business grows, your needs change, goals change, and the work methodologies change too. With significant changes in everything from work patterns to results achieved, why ignore the importance of changing business solutions?

  • 2. The company needs significant growth to stay ahead of the competition.

    To take your business to the next level, you need to go through acquisitions, mergers, or great sales cycles. Having an outdated Salesforce CRM system may slow down your operations as well as growth.

    The reason might be that the system isn’t keeping up with new products, divisions, or reporting needs.

  • 3. Your business has come up with new products, offerings, and services.

    Frequently spurred by changing business needs and growth, sometimes, your system gets over-customized or engineered. If you received a lot of complaints raised by your Salespeople lately, it’s time to upgrade.

  • 4. The first implementation of Salesforce didn’t go well and had issues within it.

    Not every implementation or integration goes smoothly and hassle-free. Unfortunately, if you got off to a bad start, the losses might be huge, and it might be quite difficult to recover.

    Thankfully, re-implementation is the way to restoring your faith and data in the power of Salesforce. Make sure your Salesforce Implementation Partners are experienced and qualified to deal with such issues.

  • 5. The Salesforce User-adoption is poor.

    When it’s about using Salesforce CRM to streamline the sales team operations, ROI stands as the ultimate goal. If your Salesforce ROI comes down to the users’ understanding, you are stuck completely. This rings the alert to switch to the newer version or run the re-implementation of Salesforce.

    If you are facing any of these problems with your current CRM system, you need to do the Salesforce re-implementation.

5 Major Challenges with Salesforce CRM Re-Implementation

Before you start the Salesforce Cloud Implementation, consider these tips to be prepared with adoption fundamentals -

  1. Migrating the system for time and logistical perspective would be very costly.
  2. It might overwhelm the internal resources that are already stretched thin.
  3. With multiple departments and users working remotely on the CRM system, this major upgrade could have significant risks associated with it.
  4. Multiple integration touchpoints to an on-premise system might break with this upgrade.
  5. Major disruptions, data loss, and work inefficiencies might be seen

Salesforce is a powerful system that can take your business to the next level! Take enough time to analyze your business needs and understand the challenges that can be fixed through the CRM system.

Furthermore, you can also employ third-party Salesforce Consulting Services to help you with a smooth implementation. With experience from implementing previous projects, experts at Narola Solutions will be able to provide you the best Salesforce support services. Let’s connect to schedule a meeting!

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