Salesforce CRM to Channelize Your Sales Cycle from Leads to Cash

  • Converting your leads into customers, requires a lot of effort and hard work. It’s not just a task, it’s a journey that defines your customers’ experience with the company.

  • Most organizations rely on manual processes full of congestion and untrusted data silos. But the ones moving towards digital transformation in their Sales and Marketing systems are certainly the industry leaders.

Importance of Sales Automation

In today’s world where everything is easily available, your customers expect a frictionless purchasing process. This means, from the initial touchpoint with customers, you must ensure them a hassle-free process throughout their sales journey.

If you want to bring innovation to your sales funnel, try to understand how lead-to-cash works.

From transactional to the recurring revenue models, the success of your business depends on the overall customer satisfaction.

When your prospects interact with you, they seek for the reliability, empathy, and responsiveness from you. Hence, it’s important to have strategic Sales and Marketing systems to monitor customer interactions throughout all stages of the sales process.

Through Salesforce CRM, you can shorten the entire cycle, improve forecasting, reporting, and collaboration with other units in the organization. Moreover, you can consistently apply regulatory changes, and pave the way for automation of slow, manual, error-prone processes.

Seamless Implementation of Lead-to-Cash Process

For many organizations, lead-to-cash works as a manual process. However, this comes up with a lot of issues like -

  • Miscommunication between Sales, Finance, or Marketing teams.
  • Poor predictions of future revenue.
  • Slow handling between Sales and finance.

When you adopt new technology utilizing the Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM capabilities, you will be able to monitor all customer interactions throughout all stages of the sales process.

At Narola Solutions, we ensure you with an enhanced customer experience through the seamless implementation of Salesforce CRM consulting services. By teaming up with us, you can be –

  • Delivering personalized buying experience to all your customers
  • Building personalized sales journeys for all your customers
  • Expanding your sales strategy with territory planning and execution

With a wide experience of 15 years, we have worked with several organizations dealing in healthcare, manufacturing, or technology-driven industries.

We understand the transformation can be challenging for any organization. With our Salesforce Consulting services, you can monitor customer interactions to enhance productivity and revenue through implementing recommended plans and strategies.

Here’s the process of how we improve your Sales cycle through ‘Lead-to-Cash’ automation.

  • 1. Smart Prospecting

    You can use a Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) strategy to track the customer journey and take your prospects to the qualifying stage. You can select the best combination of products and services with discounts to target your customers and convert them through fascinating deals.

    Our Salesforce CRM consulting team empowers you to create quotes, get approvals, and send it to the customers on time.

    2. Contract Lifecycle Management

    The sales process is equipped with three major stages - preparing, presenting, and handling objections. Our Salesforce consulting services assist you throughout these stages with 3 major services – contract creation, contract negotiation, and contract execution.

    You can create and edit customers’ contracts with all the required terms and conditions.

    3. Deal Closing

    Once you send the contracts to your customers and they sign the deal, it’s important to look upon the delivery part. The delivery of the required products or services should be done efficiently and accurately.

    At Narola Solutions, our experts give you clear visibility on all the deal closing activities. The best part is that you can close all deals with a few clicks through Salesforce CRM automation.

    4. Billing Management

    We can help you embrace the right technology and process with efficient billing management. It helps you evaluate the final bill and send invoices to the customers. Through Sales and Marketing systems, you can ensure accurate billing which determines clear cash flow.

    Eventually, your finance department would be able to easily recognize the ROIs and revenue.

    5. Enhanced Customer Experience

    With the help of Salesforce Cloud CRM solutions, you don’t have to worry about delivering the best customer experience. Our Salesforce support services are focused on the hassle-free implementation of the system as per custom requirements. We help you monitor your customer interactions by streamlining and automating your sales processes.

    Narola Solutions is a Salesforce consulting company combining in-depth product knowledge with experience transforming business processes for big-sized complex organizations.

    We specialize in implementing customized CRM and Lead-to-Cash solutions to meet your unique business needs. By leveraging our expertise, you can merge technology, data insights to enhance the buying, selling, and service experience.

    If you are willing to spend less time wondering when your system will be functional and more time delighting customers, reach out to our team of Salesforce CRM experts today!

    6. High-end Security

    Wave Analytics is equipped with the robust security of Salesforce. It offers out of the box solutions to strengthen your data security. While traditional BI tools help the business stay afloat, Analytics Cloud comes with the ability to deliver transformative insights. It prevents the occurrence of any intrusions or errors that could establish within the database.

    7. Innovation

    Salesforce has recently launched ‘Wave Actions’ that helps users to define specific actions. It helps them with updating accounts or providing account activity-based action items within the dashboard enhancing the productivity of the Sales team.

    Through the viable solutions that it offers, users can make instant decisions for the advancement of the company.

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