7 Surprising Benefits of Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud Platform

  • In the world of relentless competition, the best way to endure is to make your clients satisfied through your services. For the success of your business, you must have a happy clientele. It plays a crucial part in the accomplishment of your business irrespective of one's business, goods, focus, or solutions.

  • With Salesforce Development Tools, you can nurture the best relationship with your clients. It facilitates the Sales team to collect a huge chunk of advice and data associated with your consumers. A large quantity of clients means a large size of data, handling which manually without any mistakes is a critical thing.

  • Well, Data is the most important aspect to offbeat the competition. Many organizations use various Business Intelligence (BI) Platforms to manage the data through reports and dashboards. However, not all tools can offer seamless interaction or customizable reporting based on real-time scenarios.

  • Salesforce Wave Analytics is such an outstanding platform to overcome such limitations. It enables key executions to make data-driven decisions and interact with customers effectively using real-time insights.

  • Let’s know more about the Salesforce Wave Analytics tool and its benefits.

What is Salesforce Wave Analytics Tool?

Salesforce Wave Analytics, also known as Wave Analytics Cloud, is the newest version of Salesforce. Through data visualization in real-time, this platform can help you draw meaningful decisions to enhance productivity and profitability.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or experienced with Salesforce. This tool encourages your Sales team to go through the key piece of the data with the least possible clicks. Here are the following features of this tool that your Sales team would always cherish –

Top 7 Benefits of Using Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud

Wave Analytics tool is a cloud-based data platform and a front-end data-analyst. It's designed for Salesforce Sales and marketing data as well as the third-party app data, desktop data, or public data. The Wave Analytics Cloud already has plenty of demands across the industry. If you’re also planning to acquire the Salesforce consulting services to elevate your sales operations. Let’s check out the benefits of using this tool.

  • 1. Easy to Use

    Leveraging the power of simplicity, Salesforce development tools enable businesspeople to create highly complex and intuitive reports with ease. The Analytics cloud goes further towards building upon a seamless platform and adding the dynamism of the report. It allows end-users to create highly intuitive dashboards and implement charts that keep refreshing automatically in real-time.

    2. Data Aggregation

    Using traditional Business Intelligence (BI) platforms can get you powerful insights and reports, but store only limited data into the database.

    On the other hand, the Salesforce Wave Analytics can offer highly powerful reports and dashboards with complex data in quick time. This tool aggregates the data from multiple sources and merges it into a single data warehouse environment. Hence, business managers can have a unified view of the data and information in real-time.

    3. Advanced Integrations

    The Wave Analytics can be easily integrated with Salesforce Sales and Marketing systems to deliver greater results. Through this integration, you can get enhanced reports and dashboards for data visualization in real-time. This integration also enables concerned team members to receive useful recommendations on conversions and lead handling.

    4. Currency of Data

    Most organizations are finding it difficult to grow without having the ‘Right Data’ which means ‘Current Data’. It provides useful insights on what is the customer doing or desiring, and what are their current preferences.

    The tool gets even better when compared with the traditional data warehouses. Wave adopts works similarly to Google Search. It enables users to upload data, interact, and explore with any data on any device they use.

    5. Mobile Optimization

    Wave is the mobile-first platform that is designed and optimized to suit the needs of customer support, sales, marketing, service, and more.

    As the platform is based on cloud capabilities, it offers infinite scalability and easy accessibility to users. You can access it anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

    6. High-end Security

    Wave Analytics is equipped with the robust security of Salesforce. It offers out of the box solutions to strengthen your data security. While traditional BI tools help the business stay afloat, Analytics Cloud comes with the ability to deliver transformative insights. It prevents the occurrence of any intrusions or errors that could establish within the database.

    7. Innovation

    Salesforce has recently launched ‘Wave Actions’ that helps users to define specific actions. It helps them with updating accounts or providing account activity-based action items within the dashboard enhancing the productivity of the Sales team.

    Through the viable solutions that it offers, users can make instant decisions for the advancement of the company.


Salesforce Wave Analytics is a highly effective tool that produces strong reports and dashboards by the huge level of business information.

By simplifying the Salesforce application development procedure, it helps businesses to provide an enhanced user experience to their own customers.

Using this tool, you can exceptionally customize your products and services to meet the changing expectations of your customers. With easy research, cloud implementation, immediate availability, real-time data accessibility, and mobile-first capabilities, this is the smartest choice for any organization.

At our Salesforce consulting company, Narola Solutions, we can help you with the easy implementation of Wave Analytics with customized business solutions. Connect with us to get instant Salesforce support services.

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