A Guide to Salesforce Distributed Marketing with its Benefits

  • For most organizations, marketing and selling their products through a few touchpoints is a manageable endeavor. But as the business grows, the number of these touchpoints increases too. The added complexity can make it very challenging to deliver seamless, connected, and personalized customer experiences.

  • As a marketing and sales-based company, your goals are clear – ‘Your brand should have an identity’. And, you have a great interactive brand story to tell. This might connect the audience with your brand and help you increase leads-quality, sales, and competitive advantage.

  • Using the Salesforce Distributed Marketing cloud solution, you can make your brand stand out with a time-saving approach. You can also streamline your marketing campaigns and ensure that your brand is consistent across all channels.

  • Let’s read this blog further to know more about Salesforce Distributed Marketing. Learn how you can leverage this powerful tool to personalize your brand’s marketing campaigns across every touchpoint.

An Overview to Salesforce Distributed Marketing

When your brand doesn’t have any relevant touchpoints with customers, Distributed Marketing comes to the rescue.

It empowers your franchise, vendor partners, and all those people who deal with your customers not being a part of your business. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Solutions helps large organizations in ensuring that their customers never experience a frustrating disconnected brand experience.

Thousands of organizations are already using Salesforce CRM solutions to gear up their sales efforts and outcomes. Salesforce Marketing cloud solution is a great addition for such organizations to build personalized customer journeys and deploy to their partner networks. Then, their partners can leverage these personalized journeys to target new clients, create, and execute marketing campaigns, and do much more.

5 Key Features of Salesforce Distributed Marketing

  • 1. Create personalized experiences for customers with the brand.

  • 2. This platform can be enabled across the product spectrum of the Salesforce. Be it Sales Cloud, Community Cloud, or Partner Cloud, it works with all.

  • 3. It tracks the customer journeys across each touchpoint throughout the sales cycle.

  • 4. Get actionable insights and information of customers to set up the marketing campaigns.

  • 5. Deliver constant brand experiences across distributed sales environments.

4 Topmost Advantages of Salesforce Distributed Marketing Solutions

Distributed Marketing helps your company’s marketing team to create and share personalized content and customers’ experiences with ease. There are many benefits of using these solutions. Check them out!

  • 1. Connected Campaigns

    Local partners struggle hard to meet their brand’s marketing standards and guidelines. With Salesforce Lightning and Marketing solutions, this gap can be filled.

    This platform empowers brands to create personalized marketing campaigns to deliver high-quality customer experiences while consequently building an outstanding brand image.

    The Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) enables the marketing team with the following features -

    • Develop best-practice consumer journeys.
    • Connect the journey with the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, or Community Cloud.
    • Distribute those journeys to the network.
    • Access these journeys to personalize and send to consumers.
    • Establish more control over communication channels and methods.
    • Thus, Distributed Marketing from Salesforce for large organizations can deliver supreme experiences during customer interactions.

  • 2. Personalization

    To gain consumers’ trust and loyalty in your products, you must engage them with personalized offers they might be interested in.

    With Salesforce CRM consulting, the marketers can bring personalization in each message delivered to a person. They can ensure that the content is tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual and engage them.

    Also, the elements that make a brand unique, like – colors or content can be used to create great impressions.

  • 3. Boost Engagement

    Track each customer touchpoint and journey and share it with partners to look at the engagement analytics.

    Once they have actionable insights about the customers, the interaction can be improved. And whenever necessary, they can access and select the pre-built journeys created by the marketing team.

  • 4. Improve ROI

    Distributed marketing is about delivering the right message to the right person at the right time.

    Through Salesforce CRM implementation, you can reach your customers before your competition does. If the consumer is interested and eligible to use the offers provided by you, he/she can make their choice.

    The chances of conversions are more in such scenarios and thus you can expect a greater ROI.


Salesforce Distributed Marketing comes with a large range of tools and workflows that help your marketing team with better planning.

From our interactions with marketers across the industry, we have realized that understanding the customer journey with deep analytics is crucial. Also, personalized marketing communications can drastically improve brand engagement, conversions, and the company’s ROI.

Salesforce has addressed these problems in its Distributed Marketing platform ensuring outstanding customer experiences.

At our Salesforce implementation company Narola Solutions, we help you leverage the power of Salesforce Distributed Marketing to drive greater engagement.

Connect with our team of experts to get Salesforce support services and consulting in just a few clicks.

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