Learn How to Simplify Business Communications with Microsoft 365 Teams

  • Does your small business require user-friendly digital collaboration software to fulfill the requirements of the modern workplace?

  • Well, You need to switch over Microsoft Teams!

  • It’s a collaborative communication app specially designed to meet the needs of small businesses, and individuals working from home. If your work requires multiple people to work on the same files, Microsoft Teams is made for you!

Know More About Microsoft 365 Teams

Microsoft Teams was first conceptualized in 2016. The main motive to plan for this application was to find a perfect replacement for Skype for Business. It ensures easy integration with other Microsoft products to deliver an outstanding user experience.

The app enables users to carry text messaging, voice calling, video chats, alongside integrating with SharePoint. The workspaces of any size can use M365 Teams to meet and share work files in real-time. Even, they can invite people from outside the organizations to join private meetings or conversations.

Furthermore, the application works on all platforms be it - desktop, web, or mobile.

How Microsoft Teams Works?

Designed for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), Teams simplifies and categorizes all interpersonal interactions between your employees.

  • Remote Working Made Easy

    It works best in a remote working scenario while your teammates can’t meet each other face to face. Using Microsoft 365 Solutions like Teams & SharePoint, they can still communicate with other members without facing any troubles.

    Beyond the business world, this Microsoft Office App can be used by anyone requiring digital communication and collaboration.

  • Improved Meeting Experiences

    Microsoft 365 Teams gives you the ability to meet your co-members virtually and in a cost-effective manner. You can even schedule meetings on specific dates, time, and notify everyone for the same including details of the meeting agenda.

  • Microsoft Office Apps Integration

    When you have full access to Microsoft Office 365 products and services, the experience that you’ll receive will be outstanding.

    Leveraging the maximum capability of Microsoft Graph, you can share insights, intelligence, and data anywhere across the Office 365 suite.

  • Mobile Audio and Video Calling

    The best part about Microsoft 365 solutions is that you can use them on Android and iOS both devices. The Teams is an easy to use application that enables you to chat with your team members. You can also have audio or video conversations with them. Even multiple people can join the same conversation with recording options.

  • Out of the Box Customization

    As all organizations are unique, their requirements are unique too. If you want an application that enhances the engagement across the organization, Microsoft Teams is the perfect one to choose from.

    Teams Microsoft 365 Services and Solution can be tailored to meet the cultural needs of your organization. With added support facilities for Microsoft’s Bot Framework, your people can create and customize this app as per their needs.

  • High-End Security

    When it comes to security, Microsoft Teams stands out from its competitors. While you use any online platform to share official information or data, it’s important to ensure that the platform is secured.

    With Microsoft 365 services providing cutting-edge security & compliance capabilities, you can be relaxed! Your chats, media, voice, or video calls, everything that you share over M365 Teams will be encrypted with end-to-end protection.

Does Microsoft Teams Work on Subscription Model?

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) who need Microsoft 365 Services for up to 300 people can use Teams for free. The platform can be used to chat over text, voice, and videos while sharing and integration with Microsoft Office Apps.

However, the businesses that need official support, more storage capacity, advanced security, and features can go premium. Also, the ones that need to integrate with Microsoft’s SharePoint, Yammer, Planner, and Stream apps, can pay $5 per month.

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