6 Ways to Automate Your Business Processes with Microsoft SharePoint

  • Microsoft SharePoint is a collaboration and document management platform that is based on cloud solutions. Many companies across the world rely on Microsoft SharePoint for ensuring sleek business operations. Certainly, it’s the most reliable platform to put together all your business data and organize it with effective solutions.

  • In this article, we’ll discuss how using Microsoft SharePoint Business Process Automation can transform the way your employees work. The need for business automation, advantages, benefits, learn about everything down the blog.

Let’s Dig into the Importance of Business Automation!

The businesses dealing with the complexities in interrelated processes like document and asset management highly appreciate business process automation.

The implementation of various business process automation tools benefits organizations in two ways –

  • Reducing the operational cost
  • Increasing the work productivity of employees

Just Microsoft offers a wide range of solutions to cater the unique needs of your business, SharePoint-based solutions also come with added advantages. If you’re wondering whether your business needs these solutions or not, let’s find out here.

When is the Right Time to Implement Business Automation Tools?

A business must go through various challenges towards its way to success. Each challenge is different. To deal with such issues and challenges, bring business automation processes right into action. The implementation of Microsoft SharePoint can help you fix the following problems -

    Human Errors

    Human errors are inevitable, but sometimes, they can cause huge losses to your business. If you’re facing a lot of human errors with your data-entry processes, documentation, and many more, start using SharePoint today.

    Time-consuming Methods

    The repetition in the task not only reduces productivity but also consumes a lot of time. If you expect your employees to accomplish the tasks with improved speed and not getting satisfactory results. You need to start automating your business processes!

    Agreements Violation

    The lack of visibility into business processes leads to the violation of your important data, agreements, and policies. By switching your operations to Microsoft SharePoint, you can ensure high-end security and confidentiality of your data.

    Apart from these reasons, there are enormous benefits and advantages of implementing Microsoft SharePoint development services to your business. Let’s explore here.

5 Great Advantages of Using Microsoft SharePoint for Business Automation

    1. Excellent Communication

    The lack of communication between employees often results in undesirable results and poor management. By automating your workflows, you can provide your employees with a clear mode of communication. The platform also stores the history of your conversation, so you won’t have to remember the key points.

    2. Save Time & Money

    This fast and efficient platform saves you time and money through its outstanding business process automation services.

    3. Reduced Human Errors

    From delayed payments, to slow sale approvals, data-entry management, and many more, businesses experience huge losses caused by human errors. Through workflow automation, you get real-time insights into all tasks and data, leaving your employees with no excuses anymore.

    4. Real-time Information

    By using Microsoft SharePoint, you can have a single and streamlined dashboard view to access the real-time status of ongoing processes.

    These data insights will help you understand how the platform is making the employees’ life easier or harder.

    5. Compliance Enforcement

    All companies must comply with specific policies, regulations, and laws. To ensure that the relevant tasks are completed on time, automated workflows are implemented.

How Microsoft SharePoint Automates Your Business Processes?

Microsoft SharePoint uses workflows to automate business operations. Let’s check out 5 different workflows that are used in the automation process.

    The Approval Workflow

    Using this workflow, you can create and optimize the approval process of documents like - invoices, policies, contacts, and so on. It enables organizations to effectively structure the lists and library records.

    You can also specify the workflow participants that will play their approval at different stages of the entire process. For example – In companies, the employee’s hierarchy is like Executive, Sr. Executive, Team Lead, Assistant Manager, Manager, CEO. So, if any executive needs approval on specific documents, he’ll have to set different levels of approvals accordingly.

    The Publishing Workflow

    The Publishing Workflow defines the authorization of specific people to review and approve the documents, lists, or libraries. This is an automated process that publishes the content to the website after receiving approval.

    The Signature Workflow

    The Signature Workflow keeps the collection of digital signatures in a Microsoft Word Document or an Excel Spreadsheet. You can decide the specific documents that would need to add a digital signature to it. For example – This workflow ensures the auto-adding of the signature to invoices after its finalization.

    The Feedback Workflow

    For the projects that require teamwork, this workflow proves to be a useful asset. It helps users track documents, lists, and libraries and attach their comments, reviews, or queries to the same. However, the comments, queries, & feedback can be accessed within a significant list to ensure easy search.

    The Three-state Workflow

    This workflow effectively manages the documents’ status, lists, or libraries by going through three different stages.

    When an IT team is assigned with a bug, it needs to go through three stages– ticket creation, work in progress, and completed. The Three-state workflow will automatically alert the owner about the approaching of the file throughout every phase.

    Customized Workflows

    Other than the above-listed 5 workflows, with Microsoft SharePoint, you can also create customized workflows for specific business processes.

    Examples of customized workflow demonstration -

    • The workflow customized for weather forecasting workflow will enable automatic weather determination on a regular basis.
    • A tax collection workflow will help you evaluate the sales taxes on the products based on the prices.
    • Business process automation has become one of the most valuable processes to make your business stand out. Embrace our Microsoft SharePoint Automation Consulting services to enhance your business process automation. Connect with our experts to know more.

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