6 Wonderful Microsoft SharePoint Capabilities to Boost Productivity

  • Are you thinking about using Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint solutions but are not sure about its capabilities?

  • Well, Microsoft SharePoint is a highly customizable cloud-based platform that helps your team members work remotely and work smarter. It was designed to enhance work productivity by helping your teams embrace the collaboration.

  • Microsoft SharePoint is one of the best document management systems (DMS) across the world. It allows you to manage your corporate content, creates websites, and company intranets that maintain the information transparency between employees.

  • By using its outstanding rich customization capabilities, you can automate your crucial tasks and build customized apps to ensure greater productivity.

  • If you’re still not convinced about the benefits and capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint solutions, read this blog further.

Why Choose Microsoft SharePoint?

Before we talk about the benefits of SharePoint-based solutions, you need to find out the reasons to use it. Below, we have stated the top 7 reasons why companies require Microsoft SharePoint development services and why would you need it.

Let’s check out here!

  • If your employees are working from home.
  • If your employees often move from multiple client locations.
  • If your team members need access to various devices to access important files and documents.
  • If you want to keep all your employees updated about any changes in documents, content, or policy.
  • If you want to shift your important data and content to a centralized location.
  • If you share the documents with your customers often.
  • If you’re using USBs to transport and work on presentations, or marketing collateral.

Can you relate to the reasons stated above? If yes, congrats! You have got all these requirements fulfilled with Microsoft SharePoint Knowledge Management System (KMS).

The following requirements have led companies to switch on Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint –

  • Motivating your employees to become more productive
  • Providing them opportunities to work remotely
  • Streamlining the customers’ interaction and many more.

Including real-time, high-powered tagging, and rich customization capabilities, SharePoint has several great features built into it.

6 Impressive Features of Microsoft SharePoint Document management systems (DMS)

Let’s explore the powerful capabilities of this platform to decide if it’s the right fit for your organization!

    1. Azure Search

    It’s a new technology that uses advanced search functionality with customized applications and gets you the most relevant search results. This feature offers additional search capabilities across Microsoft SharePoint Server and Office 365 applications.

    Using drag and drop options, you can search your files using the specific keywords, phrases, or highlighted text

    2. Social Networking

    With SharePoint Knowledge Management Solution, you can connect your platform with social media channels. It offers three different hubs in the navigation bar. These hubs merge the RSS Feeds, Sites, OneDrive, and My Site to provide the users with a wonderful experience.

    This unification enables employees to post to their Newsfeeds on the team site and stay connected with others’ activities as well. Apart from this, members can embrace microblogging features and engage in conversations with co-members.

    3. Easy Integrations

    • Integration with Skype for Business
    • What can be better when you can merge your Skype for Business with Microsoft SharePoint to enhance the communication! Using this combination, you can even do videoconferencing, chatting, voice calling, collaborations, and online meetings with your team members.

      Doesn’t it sound great?

    • Outlook Integration
    • The outstanding capabilities of Outlook provide a folder hierarchy that can be accessed online as well as offline.

      By integrating it with Microsoft SharePoint solutions, you can allow your employees to sync folders and store the emails. The email attachments can be moved from Outlook Folders, Desktop, or other apps to SharePoint using the drag and drop approach.

    • One Drive Integration
    • OneDrive is the storage resource of Microsoft cloud. It enables your employees to store files and documents at one location for easy access and sharing.

      By integrating this app with Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint, you can easily transfer the files OneDrive to save on-premises storage.

      Many businesses can also use ‘OneDrive for Business’ with SharePoint-based solutions to directly access it using Office 365 server.

    • Mobile Integration
    • Use your company intranet on Microsoft SharePoint’s mobile app that enables quick access to business files, resources, coworkers, and more. By using this mobile app, users can be benefited from a wide range of resources and features.

    4. Business Search Engine

    If you’re in search of an efficient Document Management System, Microsoft SharePoint is undoubtedly the right choice. It comes up with an intuitive search engine that simplifies your headache of organizing and locating the documents and data.

    Going beyond traditional document searching, it enables employees to locate conversation records, important announcements, and much more.

    5. Business Intelligence

    Using advanced business intelligence and insight tools of Microsoft SharePoint, you can transform your business operations. Get more accurate and improved information to plan new initiatives for enhancing your work productivity.

    6. Data Migration

    In Microsoft SharePoint, you will have a FastTrack Center that ensures easy migration of your files and data to OneDrive. Your important files and data can be moved from any application like Dropbox, Google Drive, and many others.

Get Microsoft SharePoint Consulting Services from Experts

Narola Solutions specializes in the implementation and ongoing support of Microsoft SharePoint services in a commercial environment.

We hope that through the above article, you have got useful information about how Microsoft SharePoint will add value to your business. If you’d like to find out more about what Microsoft SharePoint can do for your business, connect with us today!

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