Deploying SAP on Azure - Overview, Benefits and MS Cloud Advantages

  • SAP defines the ‘Systems, applications, and products’ in any data processing software. It provides companies an efficient platform to integrate various operations and workflows in collaborative management.

  • It helps companies with enhanced productivity and smart resource usage through its comprehensive framework. Undeniably, SAP offers endless benefits as a standalone tool. However, its potential is often forced in an on-premise deployment. The best way to deal with this problem is to migrate your SAP system with Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.

  • Let’s understand this process in detail here.

How SAP on Azure Works?

Microsoft Azure cloud services help businesses with the exclusive opportunity of building, managing, and deploying their applications on an enterprise-grade network.

Integrating the Microsoft Azure Services with SAP has benefited organizations with a regimented, exhaustive, and secure infrastructure system. Such systems can handle substantial workloads while implementing innovative solutions in a specific duration.

Although, SAP on Azure is deployed as an IaaS, a SaaS, or a PaaS offering. This process can be done in any of the following ways -

  • 1. Azure Deployment

    Migrating the entire SAP framework to Azure to ensure that there would be only cloud access.

    2. Hybrid-structure Deployment

    Integrating SAP on Azure with on-premise domains to facilitate agility and reduce downtime.

7 Benefits of SAP on Azure Cloud Solutions

The prime reason why merging SAP with Microsoft Azure Services has gained huge popularity is because of its outstanding technical benefits.

These benefits have made most organizations implement them. Let’s have a look at more benefits of the same.

  • 1. Greater Flexibility

    Microsoft Intelligent Tools are designed to meet the unique needs of each business flexibly. The data centers are always available to fulfill key SAP requirements urgently as they occur.

    On the other hand, the new systems (for testing or training) can be deployed very quickly. Whereas, the old ones can be accessed and upgraded without facing any downtime.

    Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions also ensure that any type of process can be executed with maximum efficiency.

    2. Amazing Performance

    By linking SAP on Azure, you can get phenomenal results as desired. Its massive computing power supports R/3 and S/4 Hana Workloads. This ensures a smooth running of SAP Applications on Azure.

    Undeniably, this is the smartest way to go to elevate the user experience and meet all business requirements without hassles.

    3. Improved Workflows

    SAP comes with a powerful suite of business applications. Although, its on-premise system has limitations working on mobile.

    On the other hand, the SAP in the cloud fosters effective collaboration and enables real-time file-sharing from anywhere on any device. Linking SAP with Azure can help businesses to run more advantageous technical deployments and collect real-time insights.

    4. Automated Backup & Disaster Recovery

    Azure Site Recovery solutions integrated with SAP can deliver a mesmerizing experience to its users. It can protect all your critical data, information, and files against data breaching or cyber-attacks.

    You can also create ‘System Replication’ between the on-premise and cloud systems to ensure seamless data transfer without any loss or damage.

    5. Enhanced Productivity

    Rich in feature and functionality, Microsoft Azure Cloud Services brings the latest technical innovation to your business applications.

    Furthermore, Azure can enhance your SAP experience by integrating it with Microsoft Intelligent tools like Outlook, SharePoint, and Office 365. It enables organizations to conduct predictive analysis and deal with direct queries through outstanding visualization of data in real-time.

    Hence, companies can expect greater results, profits, and ROI.

    6. High-end Security

    Microsoft Azure Consulting Services come with promising data privacy and application security that remains unquestionable. For any business, keeping its important data, information, and policy secured is as important as breathing.

    With Azure’s cloud solutions, the risk of serious data loss is incredibly low. And even if any such situation arrives in the future, it can be fixed through exceptional disaster recovery features of Azure.

    7. Cost-Effective

    SAP on Azure is highly cost-effective and that’s why it has become the foremost choice of more than 90% Fortune 500 companies. Teaming up with skilled and professional SAP partners can ensure easy migration to the Azure platform.

    You can also bring down a business's IT costs by 45%-75% based on the solutions suggested by your Microsoft Azure consulting partners.

Ready to Make the Switch?

If you are using an on-premise SAP solution in your business, moving to Azure would be the next logical step to unlock many benefits. We have a team of experts at Narola Solutions to ensure flawless migration, testing, and re-testing. Connect with us!

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