Benefits & Differences of Microsoft Teams Rooms, Standard & Premium

  • One thing that the global pandemic has taught us is that no matter, what happens, the work should go on. Over the past few months, due to the coronavirus impacts, most companies have witnessed a dramatic shift to remote working.

  • Meanwhile, the business owners are doing their best to ensure the effective transition of on-premise environments to ‘work from home’ scenarios. To provide employees with ease to work from their own space, companies scrambled to put remote solutions in place. Hence, they had to bear through massive security issues of their crucial corporate data.

  • Considering the present situation, one thing is certain – it’s going to stick for long. Adopting remote working is the only solution we’re left with.

  • Big thanks to the futuristic Microsoft 365 solutions that are helping businesses to deliver productivity even through the tough times.

  • With Microsoft Teams, you can ensure seamless collaboration and communication across the company. From sharing documents to conducting meetings, conversating through chats, voice calls, video calls, things have become easier with this application.

  • With the added security benefits, Microsoft Teams is the perfect solution as we settle into these ‘new normal’ business scenes.

  • In this blog, let’s learn more about the application and how it can transform your business operations effectively.

What is “Microsoft Teams”?

Microsoft Teams for Office 365 is a cloud-based messaging solution. It makes your employees have effective communication with each other and deliver greater productivity.

This application allows you to manage conversations, files, and tools with your co-members. By integrating Microsoft Teams with Office 365, you can experience document collaboration and meeting experiences in real-time on any device.

Furthermore, the Microsoft Teams Rooms allow employees to ensure easy management, monitoring, and damage protection alongside. Recently, Microsoft has come up with new features and options within the application to enhance the work experiences.

An Overview to Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard and Premium

Ensuring the streamlined workflows and automated processes from Office 365 Teams, Microsoft has come up with Standard and Premium versions.

The features equipped with the Premium version unleash innovative ways for developers to build low-code solutions for apps and services. Yes, developers can now create their applications & chatbots within Microsoft Teams to enhance its usability even more. Meanwhile, the independent agencies can get their apps directly through the out of the box UI designs by Teams.

Let’s get to know more about the different versions of this complete meeting room solution.

  • Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium vs Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard

    As the name justifies, Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard version is the free one and has basic functionality and features. On the other hand, the Microsoft Teams Rooms Premium version has got advanced features & functionality.

    Even their pricing difference is huge. While you can have the standard version at a monthly fee of $15, the Premium version will cost you $50.

    Let’s check out the major differences between them to figure out which Microsoft 365 Solutions fit the best to your business needs.

    In the below list, we’ll consider the differences based on file storage sizes, recording features of meetings, and phone calls. You’ll also find that there are lots of extra administrative options with paid plans, too. That’s what all you need within the complete meeting room solutions.

    Features Microsoft Teams Rooms Standard Dynamics AX
    No. of Users 300 per license Unlimited, with an enterprise license.
    Storage 1GB per user storage space and 10 GB shared space. 1TB per user storage space.
    Unlimited chatting Yes Yes
    Search capabilities in Teams Yes Yes
    Personal calling, audio and video calls in the group, channel meetings, and screen sharing Yes Yes
    Features to Record Meetings, Phone Calls, and Audio Conferencing. No Yes
    Online and video conferencing meetings that up to 250 people can join. No Yes
    Online events that up to 10,000 people can join. No Yes
    Background blur during the video calls Yes Yes
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