How Salesforce is Transforming the Manufacturing & Hi-Tech Industry?

  • As organizations turn more customer-centric, they face the undeniable test of ever-changing market trends. While remaining ahead of the competition, it’s important to keep identifying ‘what’s next’ in the market patterns.

  • There arises a need for a powerful CRM solution that keeps you updated with the latest trends and customer insights. With rapid innovation in technology and work methodologies, the manufacturing business and high-tech industry are no exception to this standard.

  • If you’re dealing in any of such business, try Salesforce CRM solutions to unburden your team.

Why Choose Salesforce CRM for Manufacturing or High-tech Industry?

When evaluating the best CRM solution options for the manufacturing or high-tech industry, choosing just any CRM is not enough. You need a ground-breaking solution that may meet your unique needs and requirements.

Let’s find out how to select the best CRM for your business:

  • Problems Faced by Manufacturing or Tech-Based Industries

    The customers’ trends are short-lived, while their preferences are continually evolving. The approach to ‘smart shopping’ has shifted the attention towards the demand-supply chain.

    The customers expect a seamless buying journey across all devices. Getting critical insights on the customers’ interests, behavior, and the latest activities can enhance the ability to accurately fulfill the demand.

How Salesforce Lightning Services Can Bridge the Gap?

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud is an end-to-end CRM solution for the high-tech manufacturing industry. It enables users to drive predictable business development with noteworthy insights and a proactive approach.

The usefulness of this platform broadens with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Service Cloud. It helps you with greater transparency in all your business processes and real-time visibility of the sales portfolio.

Apart from this, there are 4 key benefits of using Salesforce CRM for the Manufacturing industry. Let’s have a look below!

  • 1. Improved Productivity

    Salesforce simplifies user adoption through its outstanding user-interface and designs. It helps eliminate duplicate and manual entries which save a lot of time, effort and eventually improves efficiency.

    2. Enhanced User Experience

    For each organization, their customers matter the most. With Salesforce implementation, you can oversee basic data like warranty or service issues to streamline everyday assistance calls and requests. You may also be benefited from an automated process to respond to customers’ queries & issues.

    3. Boosted Sales

    The ultimate goal of any business is to generate more and more Sales. With Salesforce Lightning services, you can capture indispensable data and provide useful insights to boost sales.

    Salesforce helps the Sales team to identify quality leads so that their valuable time can be consumed on more important tasks. Many organizations don’t know what their target audience. Salesforce helps them find out the right prospects and target them to maximize conversions.

    4. Increased Revenue

    As discussed above, Salesforce CRM helps you with greater lead conversions. And those conversions of leads can turn to sales if dealt properly and with smart techniques. Using this platform, your sales team can get recommendations of leads prioritization and what offers to showcase them to boost conversions.

    Once the leads are engaged with your offers, they can convert into customers super-fast. So, ultimately it is a win-win situation for the Manufacturing and High-tech industry.


If you want to experience the exceptional benefits of Salesforce in streamlining your marketing and sales processes and take it to the greater heights, opting for Salesforce consulting services is completely a favorable situation for any Industry.

At Narola Solutions, we have a team of Salesforce CRM experts who provide you with an entire range of Salesforce support services. Connect with us today to get started with your journey towards digital transformation.

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