How Microsoft SharePoint Can Fix Your Content Management Hassles?

Due to the Covid19 scenario, many organizations have promoted ‘Work from Home’ opportunities prioritizing the safety of their valued employees. Such a situation has led companies to face many challenges.

Content Management is one of those critical challenges that most companies are facing these days. While their staff is operating remotely and using different devices to get the work done, how do they access the content?.

The content as in important files, documents, brochures, proposals, sales collaterals, and many more.

Is the content stored safely on the cloud? Is it in shared drives or saved over emails?

Well, this has been the biggest challenge for the companies to make the content easily accessible for their employees.

To overcome, this challenge, there’s the only way – ECM implementation.

Now, the question is which Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution is the best to meet your business needs?

Going with an ordinary Enterprise Content Management would only waste your time, money, and efforts. If you need quality over results, Microsoft SharePoint content management is the ultimate choice!

What is Microsoft SharePoint Content Management System (CMS)?

Unlike other content management systems, Microsoft SharePoint ECM isn’t something that was developed for website creation.

It’s an effective and flexible Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software that can take your organization beyond basic file storage. The main goal of this software is to effectively manage documents and projects using outstanding cloud capabilities.

When using Microsoft SharePoint, your content resides in the Cloud. Your employees can access the content from any place, any device, without any restriction. Whenever any member makes changes to it, it will be updated live to all other members too.

The best part is that multiple people can edit the same document at the same time. And each correction will be recorded in history.

Doesn’t it sound fascinating to you?

If you’re still skeptical about the importance of Microsoft SharePoint support services, check out the benefits below.

8 Reasons Why Enterprise Content Management on SharePoint is a Brilliant Idea!

Your employees will love Microsoft SharePoint more than any ordinary software. We can say it with having 15 years of experience in SharePoint consulting services.

Let’s check out the reasons why SharePoint ECM is our foremost choice!

    1. Say GoodBye to Pen & Paper

    With implementing Microsoft SharePoint development services to your organization, you can finally bid goodbye to pen and papers for office use. This software increases your work productivity by enabling the digital storage of documents and files with searchable metadata.

    Hence, easy search, retrieval, sharing, and editing of all the documents in your content library.

    2. Store Documents on Cloud

    SharePoint is the best document collaboration tool across the world. It can save you from the hassles of storing documents on emails or drives. With the SharePoint document library, all stakeholders can add their content and provide feedback on the same simultaneously.

    In short, the wonderful features of this software can get the policy authored and published in no time.

    3. Alert Notifications

    The best part about SharePoint ECM implementation is that you can always be alerted when the document has been modified or altered. You can also track the details about what changes were made and by whom.

    4. Secure Documents Visibility & Permissions

    In this content management system, the user roles and permissions can be configured as needed. However, the documents will be automatically secured during the upload in the target library or folder.

    5. Effective Content Search

    With Microsoft SharePoint, you can quickly locate the documents for a specific project, review purpose, and approvals by colleagues. All you should do is use the appropriate metadata tagging and SharePoint Views will get you the accurate results.

    6. Flexible Folders

    In traditional software, you get only one option for organizing documents in large quantities – Folders. To find the documents stored in folders, you must go up and down while looking for the right file.

    Whereas, in Microsoft SharePoint ECM, your team can use a combination of folder hierarchy and metadata to organize/tag documents. This also enables your employees to create different views or hierarchies of the same document as per their convenience.

    7. Content Management Control

    The content features in the Microsoft SharePoint suite can be customized to meet the specific content management needs of your organization. By combining the best practices with the right governance plan, you can transform the document management operations of your business.

    8. Easy Integrations

    Microsoft SharePoint can easily integrate with Microsoft applications, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

    If you want to make your business operations more flexible and scalable, implementing this brilliant software is undoubtedly the right choice.

    With Narola Solutions by your side, you can have out-of-the-box Microsoft SharePoint development services that meet your organization’s needs.

    We ensure seamless development and deployment of SharePoint for your future goals. If you’re not sure about your company’s CMS needs, feel free to connect with us for Microsoft SharePoint consulting services.

    Let us identify your needs and develop an outstanding SharePoint content management solution, tailored to your business.

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