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Change is mandatory to succeed and grow. Whether it’s about your life or business, change is the only constant. However, some things flourish with time but there are numerous that need to be revised. Let’s take an example of IT software solutions that need to be migrated to their latest versions to experience enhanced features.

If your business is sales-based and you’re using Salesforce solutions for automating your crucial business operations, you’re at the right place. Salesforce CRM is one of the most popular cloud-based solutions across the world. From enduring client relationships to increasing work productivity and maximizing ROI, this platform comes packed with a wide range of features.

Considering all CRM solutions, Salesforce Classic had been the front runner to the date. But now people are migrating to the newest version i.e. Salesforce Lightning for increased productivity, optimized operations, and fast app development.

Before we dive into the details of migrating from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning, let’s understand what it is.

What Is Salesforce Lightning?

Salesforce launched the newest version of the Classic software solution i.e. ‘Salesforce Lightning’ in 2014. This update has made many organizations switch from Salesforce Classic to Lightning to experience enhanced productivity and profitability.

True to its name, this latest version offers a lightning experience and assists sales teams to sell faster. It offers a wide range of tools, technologies, and functionalities that enable users with easy customization.

If you are wondering whether you should go for Salesforce migration implementation or not, read the blog further.

  • Why to Switch from Salesforce Classic to Lightning?

    There are a few reasons why Salesforce Lightning is different and better from Classic.

    1. Maintaining the classic version is a bit costlier.
    2. The support services for Salesforce Classic will end soon.
    3. Classic may also lead to ineffective outputs.
    4. With changing industry standards, rules, and regulations, if you want to stay in sync, you need to skip on the old system and try the new ones.
    5. Classic doesn’t support the latest advancements in technology. Hence, it can be a roadblock in your growth.
    6. Security and privacy levels may be compromised with Salesforce Classic.
    7. Through Salesforce migration implementation, you can enhance the sales team’s efficiency, agility, performance, and cost-effectiveness.
    8. Migrating to Salesforce Lightning will elevate customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Benefits of Switching from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience

Here are 4 key advantages that tell why Salesforce Lightning is worth going for:

  • 1. Boost Productivity

    Lightning comes with numerous features and components that massively increase productivity.

    Check out these following components in Salesforce Lightning

    • News & Insights -
      Get useful information and insights about your prospects and customers through an efficient web crawling feature. You can also stay updated on the latest industry trends to always get ahead of the competition.

    • Duplicate Prevention –
      Crawling through the Salesforce database can help you identify all duplicate value and removing them with ease

    • Chatter Streams -
      Combine all concerned team members into one stream and monitor their updates.

    2. Save Time & Money

    Along with significant growth in work productivity, Lightning also helps you save valuable working hours and money spent on resources. Using this platform, your sales team members can save more than 2 hours in a week. Fewer requirements of developers do also save the company’s cost on resource hiring.

    3. Customizations & Integrations

    The Salesforce Lightning services make it way easier for developers to create modern applications that match the varied need of businesses. This feature also enables third party apps integrations to make it more accessible and usable for developers and administrators. With this platform, you can also add custom components to the interface that create improved opportunities for personalization, unlike Classic.

    4. Improved User Interface

    The updated look and feel of Salesforce Lightning make it the foremost choice of users. With new UI features, functionalities, and interface, Salesforce created an intuitive and smart-thinking platform that helps sales team close deals faster.

    The updated dashboards give improved visibility into the metrics to help employees get a clear picture of customers’ data. Ultimately, the streamlined interfaces foster user adoption of this platform.


Moving to Lightning experience is a significant change for your organization. Hence, the Salesforce implementation services should be smooth and steady.

At Narola Solutions, we help you identify the right time to make the move and how to stay prepared for transitioning. With our smart Salesforce consulting services, you can get an idea of how it would be executed.

As a registered Salesforce Partner, we focus on your business processes, your users’ needs, and a strong communication framework. We ensure a successful technological implementation that works for your teams and drives your business forward.

If you are ready to make the move from Salesforce Classic to Lightning, we can help. Let’s take a step forward!

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