Salesforce to Maximize Your Business with AI for Marketing & Sales

In June 2017, Salesforce unveiled its newly rebranded analytics tool – Einstein Analytics to the world. It’s an AI-based application that gives you a clear view of data and the activities in your Salesforce environment.

Whether you use Salesforce AI for Marketing, Sales, or any other service, this tool offers better visibility of –

  • Contacts
  • Campaigns
  • Accounts
  • New Leads Generated Everyday
  • Conversions and many more.

An Overview to Einstein – Salesforce AI-Powered Advanced Analytics Tool

This tool helps you understand your team’s experience with Salesforce Lightning Services. With providing outstanding visualization of data, reports, dashboards, and graphs, it keeps your employees updated with the latest information.

Let’s take an example of your company’s Sales team!

Using Salesforce Artificial Intelligence capabilities through Einstein, they can visualize graphs for the lead’s status. Like they can know how many leads were received every day and what actions have been made for the same.

The tool also suggests its users with potential business opportunities and areas of growth that help organizations grow & succeed.

Why Use Salesforce AI for Your Business?

The inability of offering a unified view of data for event monitoring creates uncertainty of privileged user access. It becomes hard to know if users are compliant with company policies or not.

When your employees can’t see what’s happening in applications, how can they enhance their productivity? On the other hand, it’s equally important to identify security measures to ensure data is shared with 100% protection.

To fix this problem and make the most of their sales, marketing, and other teams, many organizations have switched to Salesforce.

With offering customized visualization into your data and providing high-end security, Einstein Analytics has become the foremost choice of many organizations. As this is an AI-built cloud application, it works one step ahead of you and your customer’s imagination. It can recognize recurring complaints and patterns to predict future issues even before customers know they’re going to have problems.

Moreover, Salesforce AI Einstein analyses your business data and learns from it to create reports and form predictions. It helps you understand your customers and potential customers to boost leads conversions and give outstanding customer services.

The best part is that Salesforce Einstein comes packed with other Salesforce products. So, you won't have to pay extra for them.

Let’s look into other the benefits and capabilities of Einstein within different Salesforce Products.

Salesforce Einstein & Other Salesforce Implementation Services

Salesforce Einstein is a combination of deep learning, predictive analytics, natural language processing, machine learning, and smart data discovery. It can be customized for transforming the Sales journey of each customer.

The capabilities of Salesforce Artificial Intelligence in this tool make it self-tune, learn, and get smarter with every interaction & data. This intelligence component can be embedded in the business context. One can predict the future behavior of customers, discover relevant insights, and automate tasks accordingly.

  • Sales Cloud Einstein

    The features of lead scoring or opportunity insights let you track all potential leads and prioritize them to maximize the conversions.

    You get a lot of options and insights to interact with the audience and convert them in every possible way.

    With activity capture, you can get rid of data entry headaches as it keeps updating your records on a timely basis.

    You may also link your calendar or emails with the application to identify new contacts with Automated Contacts.

    Service Cloud Einstein

    To automate the customers’ interactions and conversion processes, use Einstein that imposes deep learning, machine learning, and Natural Language Processing.

    It enables an automated routine service request pattern to help your respective team members respond to customers’ queries immediately.

    They can also take advantage of useful insights about the audience to improve their productivity & overall customers’ experience.

    Get smart and contextual solutions straight from the Service Console to have faster resolution times as well as up-sell opportunities.

    Marketing Cloud Einstein

    Use Salesforce AI for Marketing to analyze and classify the visual data to get new insights about your business.

    Through Einstein Recommendations and Journey Insights features, you can track the journey of your customers. This eventually helps in planning more targeted marketing campaigns to attract recurring visitors and boost conversions.

    You can also find out the most loved products by your audience based on their social activity. This allows you to re-target them with similar product recommendations.

    With Salesforce Einstein Engagement Scoring for Marketing, you can monitor the engagement and actions on emails, websites, and more. This helps you and your team discover what made them buy your product.

    Accordingly, you can plan your future events and marketing campaigns.

    Community Cloud Einstein

    With recommendations received through Salesforce consulting services, you can make the resources easily available for your community members.

    They can be suggested with the ideas of posts and content they might be interested in reading.

    Your community members won’t have to wait around to get the answers they need. They will have access to connect with certified Einstein experts for any kind of Salesforce support services.

    Analytics Cloud Einstein

    Find hidden data insights with embracing the exceptional capabilities of Salesforce AI.

    It derives insights by analyzing your sales, marketing, and service activities to find the best practices & patterns.

    Commerce Cloud Einstein

    If your business is focused on eCommerce services, you can take advantage of Commerce Cloud Einstein. It transforms your customers’ shopping experiences.

    Take help from unique recommendations about every customer to get predictive insights & time-saving task automation.

    Engage them with personalized recommendations of products across mobile and desktop devices.

    IoT Cloud Einstein

    With new developments and innovation in technology, everything is turning towards automation. Even, we can also convert our homes and living spaces into smarter ones.

    With IoT Cloud Einstein, you can track innovation by merging the IoT data with Salesforce’s Artificial Intelligence platform.

    This helps in optimizing the IoT device journeys, score prediction, and generating the best suggestions for further actions.

    As you can learn from above, that there are different AI technologies applied in each different Salesforce product. While Salesforce AI Marketing helps you target your potential customers with well-planned marketing campaigns, the sales cloud helps you convert them.

    Each product has its own usage and benefits. If you want to implement Salesforce Lightning services or Einstein to your business, you’d need experts to help you through. Connect with our team at Narola Solutions to avail out-of-the-box Salesforce consulting services at affordable prices.

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