7 Major Challenges That Might Ruin Implementation of Salesforce CRM

  • Salesforce may be the best CRM tool that your business would ever have. But, lack of proper implementation might cause multiple inefficiencies in this tool that would ruin your entire experience.

  • So, before you shift your CRM operations to Salesforce, it’s important to learn about the challenges that you might face. Here, in this blog, we have discussed all challenges that you can expect before, during, or after the Salesforce Implementation. Let’s read further!

Salesforce CRM Implementation – Challenges & their Root Cause

  • 1. Find the Right Salesforce Implementation Partners

    The success of the Salesforce implementation depends on the Salesforce implementation partners, their experience, and the ability to fix the issues.

    Salesforce is a very powerful and innovative platform that serves your company in multiple ways. From Sales to Marketing and Customer Services, all your crucial operations can be streamlined using this single platform.

    If the implementation of the same doesn’t go well, it can directly impact your company’s operational efficiency and productivity.

    So, it’s the biggest challenge for any company to find the right Salesforce consultancy partners that can ensure a smooth deployment.

    2. Cost Predictions

    Before you plan to migrate to Salesforce CRM, you must have a fair idea of its estimated cost, time, and required resources.

    However, the implementation cost is the major consideration for any company owner to plan out the ROI through its usage. The best way to map out the estimated implementation cost is based on the license required by the company.

    Most companies purchase the license first and then go for the Salesforce consultancy services. Whereas, they must acquire the consultancy services first! The Salesforce consultancy partners will analyze & research which license would be the best fit for the company’s requirements.

    Apart from licensing cost, many other categories are overlooked –

    • Data Migration
    • Apps Integration
    • User Training
    • Maintenance and many more.

    3. Resource Allocations

    Before you plan for the implementation, make sure you have the right team and resources to handle the ongoing project. The inputs and feedback shared by such members are highly important to track the Salesforce’s performance.

    It’d be great if you can choose among the ones who’re working for a longer duration in your company. As the candidates having a deep understanding of your business would be the right fit for these positions.

    4. Data Migration

    With more than 50% of implementation efforts consumed in Data migration, it’s definitely not an easy task. While you migrate your operations from one system to another, there are high chances of losing crucial data of customers.

    The migration can be unsuccessful if the system is not compatible with the new features. It requires extensive expert attention to ensure no data loss or inefficiencies occurred during the implementation process.

    5. Salesforce CRM Integration

    Salesforce CRM delivers maximized outcomes when integrated with other applications. To ensure seamless business operations and leverage the best capabilities of Salesforce, integrate it with mobile or other on-premise applications.

    However, the integration doesn’t have to be smooth always. It might create big challenges for companies. Having experienced and qualified Salesforce implementation partners like Narola Solutions can fix all challenges with ease and convenience.

    6. Post Implementation Maintenance

    Intricated performance issues in Salesforce, CRM downtime, changing business needs, testing and maintenance challenges, and poor user adoption. These are the most challenges that companies face after implementation.

    With a highly experienced and qualified consultancy team, you can fix all these challenges even before they occur.

    7. Team Training

    With new advancements in technology, the Salesforce CRM has also come up with new features that your team might not understand.

    It’s better to train your employees about the new system and feature you’ll be implementing to your ongoing processes. This approach will always result in greater productivity and outcomes.

Conclusion -

A well-organized CRM is key to customer satisfaction. At Narola Solutions, our experts are always ready to go the extra mile to help you with streamlined Salesforce support services.

From identifying weak areas to fixing every issue, integrating customized features, fine-tuning the system, and user-training, we do it all.

If you’re ready to make the move, Connect with us.

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