5 Reasons Why You Need Salesforce Lightning Services for Your Business

  • Massive advancement in technology has led to drastic changes in everything. From launching your business online to making sales and dealing with your customers, everything has changed. Providing better user experiences has become more important to ensure recurring business.

  • Most of the companies have shifted their product-based paradigm to engaging the user-cycle. However, this change closely relates to the user-experience of customers with the concerned brand, products, and services.

  • The launch of Salesforce Lightning i.e. the more powerful, and enhanced version of CRM, has come with a ray of hope. It promises to maximize sales productivity, offer meaningful data insights, and transform the way people purchase.

  • As a Salesforce Consulting Services provider, we encounter many organizations that are still hesitant to migrate from Salesforce Classic to Lightning. The reason might be unawareness of the benefits of Salesforce Lightning Services.

  • However, we strongly believe that Salesforce Lightning not only improves your team’s efficiency but also innovates your sales cycle.

  • Let’s check out its 5 topmost benefits of Salesforce Lightning to migrate your current system today.

Business Benefits of Salesforce Lightning Services

    1. Automated Sales Process

    Salesforce Lightning is packed with the latest features that make it easier to streamline the sales process. It visualizes the sales pipeline and shares recommendations for each opportunity and what steps to take in order to boost sales conversions.

    The users can act on these opportunities quickly and precisely.

    2. Stay Aligned With Each Sales Activity

    When it comes to analyzing your overall sales performance, what’s the crucial step for getting accurate results? Well, that’s about measuring the individual performance of each sales representative like their type of activities, opportunities, etc.

    These measurements provide clear insights into what’s going on across your sales cycle and how your employees are performing.

    3. Prioritize Higher Value Leads & Opportunities

    From advanced machine learning to deep learning, predictive analytics, smart data discovery, and AI-driven features, Salesforce has got everything you need.

    It provides a tool ‘Salesforce Einstein’ that learns from your previous data, users’ interactions, behaviors, and draws possible outcomes. You can also get a fair idea of customers’ insights, recommended next steps to interact with them, and task automation.

    It helps your Sales-people to make smart decisions and focus on higher quality leads that convert fast.

    4. Clean Duplicate Data

    Clean data is essential for accurate calculation. As your business evolves, the workload increases. When you free up your sales reps from data analysis, they can spend more time on building quality customer relationships.

    This approach results in greater conversions and revenue.

    If your company doesn’t follow data quality standards, then adopting better habits and processes is crucial before you migrate.

    5. Easy Access to Data

    We’re in the age of smartphones where we can access anything from anywhere, right at our fingertips. With Salesforces Implementation services, you can expect a seamless transition from desktop to mobile. That means you can access your company’s sales data anytime on mobile phones.

    This works the best in remote working scenarios where your team members can’t meet each other personally. In such situations, they access their sales data and make appropriate decisions accordingly.

Are you ready for the switch?

To capture your customers before your competitors, you need fast and innovative tools that turn your employees into smarter and productive ones.

At Narola Solutions, we provide top-notch Salesforce Support Services to ensure a seamless migration to Salesforce Lightning. To know more about the features and benefits of the same, you can always connect with our experts. If you have any queries regarding the implementation process, we’re here to help!

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