Challenges and Methods to Increase the Salesforce CRM User Adoption

  • If your company works due to sales efforts, a good CRM system is essential to ensure smooth operations. After all, this is where you can store all crucial data about customers in one single place.

  • On the other hand, sometimes, your Sales team members may feel frustrated with the complex process of handling Salesforce solutions. This reduces their productivity and quality of outcomes.

  • To generate great results, make sure that your employees are comfortable working with the Salesforce cloud platform. Though, Salesforce user adoption is the biggest challenge for most organizations.

  • In this blog, let’s find out the topmost challenges that companies face while using Salesforce and how to overcome them.

Top 5 Challenges Faced After Salesforce Cloud Implementation

Despite being the most powerful CRM platform across the world, how come the Salesforce implementation services don’t meet business expectations?

Well, mostly, it’s due to the poor salesforce user adoption. If your employees can’t participate in the creation or up-keeping of the platform, whole efforts and process seem to be failed.

Here are the 5 most popular adoption challenges that major companies have faced -

  • 1. Lack of Communication & Training

    Most challenges occur due to the inability to communicate the true value of the platform to the team. This leaves them skeptical about how Sales automation can benefit them in enhancing work productivity. Guide your employees through the importance of the platform and train them appropriately to work on the same with ease & confidence.

    2. Adapting to Changes

    We all face difficulties in incorporating the new changes in everyday routines. And, especially when it’s about professional changes. It triggers negative emotions like stress, anxiety, or fear, regardless they can be immensely beneficial to us. With shifting your on-premises operations to the cloud can bring major changes and advantages alongside.

    You need to keep your Sales reps all prepared for the same in advance to deal with whatever’s coming their way.

    3. Not Using the System More Often

    Salesforce is not a tool that you can simply turn on and leave to run alone. It requires constant changes and upgrades to deliver constant advancements and evolution in your Sales processes.

    To ensure that the system fits perfectly with your business and employee’s needs, it’s important to work hard with it.

    4. Lack of Salesforce Consulting Services

    Salesforce is a highly advanced and innovative CRM platform. The cost behind Salesforce cloud integration and deployment might create an illusion of how the system should work. It doesn’t deliver desired outcomes unless optimized well to meet your specific business needs.

    To make the most of your Salesforce cloud implementation, you’d need Salesforce support services from qualified agencies or experts like Narola Solutions.

    5. Poor Data Quality

    No matter how well we optimize or customize the system to work as per our needs and goals. The quality of the data that you enter in the system matters the most. If you’re putting data in a disorganized way, it will come out no better.

How to Increase Salesforce User Adoption?

Before you start the Salesforce Cloud Implementation, consider these tips to be prepared with adoption fundamentals -

  • Employees Readiness

    All departments and their concerned team members must stay ready to adapt to this new tool. They need to learn the benefits and advantages of this tool to solidify consistent goals.

    Communication Plan

    The prime focus of your Salesforce cloud integration strategy is at the Communication. This is something built into your business process that plays its roles before, during, or after deployment.

    There should be clear and consistent communication between your Salesforce implementation partners and team members to ensure successful adoption.


    When you move your business operations to new technology, the value of the new system must be conveyed to all users. Each user must be able to track their daily tasks, roles, and useful data in a simplified manner. To ensure high-end user adoption, organize a customized Salesforce training session for all end users.

    Although, the Sales and Marketing team must have the same understanding of the system as they play a crucial role in conversions. The mutual understanding between these two teams can ease out the confusion of which leads to being entertained, what tactics to use, and much more.

    Salesforce Support Services

    Once the system is deployed and ready to use, your Salesforce consultants must be prepared to answer each question of users. They must know how to fix the bugs and ensure greater work efficiency of employees while working with the new system.

    Are you also considering Salesforce solutions and not sure of where to start? Or are you already working on the same, but the things have gotten complicated than you imagined?

    Let Narola Solutions help you with customized strategies and solutions that drive full user adoption and rapid business growth. Connect with us to discuss your specific business needs and let our experts get back to you with a detailed plan.

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