15 Benefits to Expect when Planning to Migrate to Salesforce Lightning

  • Salesforce is one of the most powerful, customizable, and scalable CRMs across the world. It keeps coming up with new and creative solutions that are ever-evolving with the changing needs of the market and users.

  • This spirit of Salesforce turned out to be the reason for the launch of its new and improved platform ‘Salesforce Lightning’. With a strong emphasis on user experience, this intuitive and intelligent platform helps businesses with effective Sales, Marketing, & Services opportunities.

  • However, the Lightning integration didn’t get any much traction among the users. The reason might be because people don’t want to take the risk, they’re less confident to try any new platform.

  • Let’s learn more about the benefits of Salesforce Lightning and how you can ensure a seamless migration.

Why Switch to Salesforce Lightning? 15 Reasons to Consider!

Salesforce Lightning is a powerful and modern age platform that offers an exceptional user experience across any device. If you want to adopt high-end customization for your business sales processes, Salesforce Lightning is undoubtedly the perfect option for you.

Here are the top 15 benefits and reasons that would help you strengthen your decision-making process -

    • Get high-end automation in sales processes to reduce human work.
    • Stay aligned with the latest technology & innovation to off-beat the competition.
    • Integrate outstanding features to streamline the sales funnel processes.
    • Use Microsoft Applications & Products to enable your employees to work on Salesforce with ease and maximize productivity.
    • Induce lightning voice to win customer’s confidence, trust, and earn more credibility.
    • Access data anytime, from anywhere, and on any device. Salesforce Lightning is highly compatible to work with any platform be it a mobile, desktop, tablet, or any other.
    • Use Salesforce AI for Marketing to re-target the customers by showing them the products they are willing to buy.
    • Get Customized Apps Building features with Lightning Builder to keep up with your work with ease.
    • Monitor and track all your sales activities in real-time to stay updated on the latest changes, improvements, and announcements.
    • Help your team in better decision making with keeping up well-informed of the latest updates.
    • Focus on high-quality leads and opportunities to maximize sales conversions and revenue.
    • With more than 150 Lightning compatible apps available at AppExchange, enhance the capabilities of Salesforce.
    • Use the Lightning Snap-Ins to reach more customers, fix their issues, and eventually boost customer satisfaction.
    • Clean duplicate data faster to enable your employees to spend most of their time on what’s more important.
    • Engage your customers with the lightning customer community.

4 Easy Steps to Migrate to Salesforce Lightning

To ensure a smooth migration to Salesforce Lightning, your research, planning, testing, training, and everything should be perfect. Go through the Salesforce Lightning migration guide to get started on your journey to maximizing Salesforce adoption in your company.

  • Step 1 - Research

    The main goal of Lightning integration is to enhance innovation, productivity, and reduce work stress. To plan out a smart implementation strategy, you need to find out the features that Classic users most depend upon.

    Here are the following questions that you have to consider during research to layout a smart approach –

    • Can Lightning experience enhance your sales processes and increase ROI?
    • Is staying on the Classic system keeping your company out of the competitive race?
    • Is the opportunity cost worth it?
    • Would LEX match with your company’s technical and business roadmap?
    • Is it the right time to migrate to Salesforce Lightning or you can wait?
    • What time and cost would it take to migrate?

    To ensure no disruptions in the migration around the budget, timing, and implementation aspects, get executive buy-in early on.

    Step 2 – Strategy Mapping

    Once you’re done with the research and analysis, you can start planning for the migration. It must include budget, timeline, responsibilities outlining, milestones with each phase, and much more. To help you with a smarter plan, we have come up with a strategic idea of everything to be thought upon.

    • Set smart transition & adoption goals
    • Before-transition adoption metrics
    • Post-transition productivity metrics
    • Change management strategy
    • Surveying the Salesforce power
    • Tailoring the communications strategy
    • Plan an emailer campaign
    • Build Accountability
    • Post-migration training sessions
    • Run trials of Salesforce Lightning

    Step 3 - Employees Training

    Transforming your current system and going ahead with the change management plan is great! But it won’t be successful until your Sales team is comfortable with working on new Salesforce LEX.

    To make the most of the Salesforce implementation services, it’s important to train your salespersons to use Salesforce Lightning. Use an individualized 360-degree training approach to help your employees with unique tactics, tools, and timelines.

    Step 4 - Optimization Phase

    This is the most crucial step during migration. Here, you must identify whether the Salesforce Lightning services are meeting the goals or not. Through Salesforce Artificial Intelligence capabilities, you can have real-time access to how your system is performing. This helps in tracking whether it’s working as per your expectations or not. If not, you can plan out the strategies for its optimization or improvisation.

    You may also personalize the Salesforce AI tool to further improve adoption rates.

    In case, your employees are not comfortable with the Lightning Experience, they can always switch back to Classic.

    The change can be difficult and switching to a completely re-imagined user interface, is the most challenging task! If you’re planning to migrate to Salesforce Lightning, you’d need expert assistance to ensure a seamless transition.

    At Narola Solutions, we leverage the Salesforce Artificial Intelligence to drive innovation and transformation, while eliminating any concerns you might have. Our expert consultants will map out a clear transition path and guide you through your journey from Salesforce Classic to the new Lightning Experience.

    We’ll investigate your business needs and objectives to plan required customization in our Salesforce Implementation Services. Our goal is simple – to unlock the greatest potential of Salesforce AI for enhancement in your company’s growth.

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