How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection Helps eCommerce Retailers?

Artificial Intelligence is no more a fantasy, it’s a reality in today’s world. Most businesses are already delivering advanced automated solutions to fix real-world problems.

Currently, eCommerce retailers have witnessed a huge increase in online frauds. From increased operational expenses to reduced revenue, and fake transactions, there are a lot of negative impacts that frauds create.

Most fraud protection solutions available in the market require complex multi-step authentication and account creation processes. This creates a barrier within the eCommerce websites and exposes it to some serious threats of frauds from cybercriminals.

In the e-commerce industry, malicious transactions can be done via compromised accounts and stolen payment instruments leaving the providers of the products at high risk.

A key difference between E-Commerce frauds and other fraudulent activity is that the hackers don’t need to have any physical card. They need only the bank account information.

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail Businesses?

At the forefront of the innovation, Microsoft’s digitally transformed enterprise solution Dynamics 365 helps your business track everything in real-time. This reduces extra expenses and improves customer experience.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection, you can safeguard more than a billion transactions a year. This helps businesses in delivering the best shopping experiences possible.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail Fraud Protection is designed to offer eCommerce businesses the best fraud protection ever. It provides the agility and capabilities to apply Artificial Intelligence and detailed operational research to millions of business assessments.

Moreover, the cloud capabilities of the platform help merchants use real-time information to lower their costs through –

  • Improving the acceptance of legitimate transactions.
  • Reducing friction in customer experience and
  • Integrating easily into their existing order management system and payment stack

This solution comes up with a global level of fraud insights using data sets from participating merchants. Through real-time statistics, they can easily detect and mitigate evolving fraud schemes in a timely manner.


5 Powerful Capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection houses these 5 major capabilities to maximize the power of machine learning.

  • Implementation of adaptive AI technology enables this platform to continuously learn and adapt from patterns and trends. This equips the fraud managers with the innovative tools and real-time data they need to make well-informed decisions to optimize the fraud controls.
  • Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection comes up with a network that maintains up-to-date connected data gives a global view of fraud activity. It also strengthens the security of merchants’ confidential information and shoppers’ privacy.
  • With the transaction acceptance booster, you can share your transactional trust knowledge with issuing banks to boost authorization rates.
  • Using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 commerce support, you can have detailed risk insights about each transaction to improve the customer experiences.
  • Through innovative Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce Solutions, you can monitor account creation, minimize abuse, and cyber-attacks on customer accounts. This helps in avoiding incurring losses due to fraud and cyberattacks.

    1. Mitigate Fraud Attacks

    Analyzing the need for a comparable fraud analysis tool for their own diverse eCommerce business, Microsoft developed its own security platform.

    Dynamics 365 fraud protection is the most popular business tool across the world that helps eCommerce businesses with outstanding payment fraud protection. It improved the shopping experience and helps businesses uplift their revenue with higher-bank acceptance rates. By using this platform, retailers can mitigate the risk of potential fraud attacks.

    2. Maximize Profits

    In today’s world, fraud protection can’t be done without the use of advanced retail solutions and technology like Artificial Intelligence. Embrace the power of the industry-leading Microsoft AI platform to –

    • Detect the risks
    • Reduce fraudulent payments
    • Account creation
    • Minimize automated attacks on customer accounts and
    • Decrease fraud-related expenses.

    3. Account Protection

    With Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection, safeguard your eCommerce business’s online reputation, customer accounts, and revenue by preventing fraudulent account creation and access. This makes your customers feel safer and more protected while shopping from your business. Also ensure account creation protection, account sign-in protection, device fingerprinting, and bot protection.

    4. Improved Shopping Experiences

    Shift your eCommerce business operations to Dynamics 365 to increase fraud detection accuracy, while decreasing friction for your real customers.

    The built-in Transaction Acceptance Booster in the platform enables merchants to opt-in to share transactional trust knowledge with issuing banks. This increases bank acceptance rates and customer experiences with revenue gains.

    5. Loss Prevention

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce implementation enables quick detection of potential fraud on returns and discounts for omnichannel purchases. This offers an impressive insight into potential fraud risks using the business intelligence reporting feature.

    Microsoft Fraud Protection minimizes the manual effort while allowing companies to focus on other tasks optimizing efficiency to drive desired results.

If you want to make well-informed business decisions to boost your revenue and customer satisfaction, let us help you. With the Business Impact Assessment (BIA), our experts will help you make the right decisions to get the most efficient and cost-effective solution. Connect with us to get started today.

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