How to Deliver Easy Shopping Experiences with Dynamics 365 Commerce?

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite is divided into CRM and ERP applications that combinedly cover up each aspect of business operations. Many of these applications come up with innovative features that are essential to run modern businesses.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce solution lets you engage with your prospects, customers, and maximize the sales conversions. It also helps your company to manage its finances, human resourcing, and many other operations that are crucial to its growth.

Modern retail is a complex industry and the internet has transformed the way customers shop. This is a critical challenge for retailers to make enough sales even during the tough scenarios.

With customers actively looking for similar products on so many platforms online, retailers need to optimize their offerings. They also need to expand their reach and grab every single opportunity.

Whether a retailer is selling its products online or through any third-party eCommerce platform. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail is designed to help retailers optimize their processes in every area of their business.

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce Solution?

To be able to compete, it’s quite important to find out a holistic solution that manages all operations seamlessly. Let’s look at how Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the Retail channel can help businesses stay at the top.

    Streamlining Shopping Experiences

    The customer’s journey is made up of numerous touchpoints where they browse, purchase products, and interact with retailers. To make the most of such opportunities, businesses must have a system that can create seamless experiences for their valued customers.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail stays up to its promises and helps users create and deliver outstanding shopping experiences. They can make smooth purchases across stores, web, mobile, and contact centers.

    This multi-platform mobility is highly important for today’s businesses to thrive in the era of modern retail.

    The retail solutions and technologies offered by Microsoft also aim to give its customers full flexibility and freedom beyond the checkout. They can collect orders from alternative locations or also offer delivery with fulfillment features.

    Delivering Outstanding Customer Support

    The customers in today’s world want personalization in everything and they feel valued when the businesses make extra efforts to connect with them.

    By merging these expectations with the fact that customer loyalty is not an easy thing to maintain. It gives birth to the need for businesses to plan a robust strategy to meet the growing expectations of the customers.

    Else, the unhappy customers ruling the digital realm can easily voice their disappointments publicly and downgrade your brand’s reputation.

    To avoid such challenges, brands should maintain constant engagement across all touchpoints. And integrating all these touchpoints must deliver a seamless shopping experience.

    With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce, retailers can offer a truly unified experience. The advanced tools and unique features of this platform enable customers to browse the products easily. Even, your sales & marketing team can display personalized recommendations to them based on their previous purchases or wish-listed items.

    If you’re wondering how a single platform can do it all, then this customization is enabled by combining the following factors -

    • Customer Profile
    • Behaviors
    • Wish-Lists and
    • Buying Habits Pulled from Customer Data

    The activity data of the customers can be later used to design personalized promotions for their desired products. On the other side, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 commerce support associate can look up the details about the customer.

    This platform saves all information of the customers at a centralized location where all team members can access and update it. They can also use the platform to track inventory availability at other stores, order items for the customers to collect, etc.

    By using this app, businesses can also introduce

    • Customer Loyalty Features
    • Opportunities to Earn and Redeem Points
    • Use Gift Cards and
    • Redeem Promotional Coupons

    Workforce Management

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce is designed to provide personalized experiences to businesses as well as their employees and customers. It works two ways – CRM & ERP.

    The ERP system helps to streamline the organizational structure by clearly designating departments, jobs, positions, reporting responsibilities, and much more. The employees can access a self-service portal where they can view assigned tasks, responsibilities, and schedules. They can also arrange shift swaps.

    While dealing in the retail industry, it’s important to design a customer’s journey as seamless as possible from browsing through to checkout. To prevent drop-offs, and downtime or disruptions, retailers might have to bear higher costs.

    By implementing this omnichannel platform, businesses can be benefited from intelligence, flexibility, and speed during cloud computing.

    One of the biggest advantages of using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail is that it supports cloud capabilities. So, the application will always be up to date and you won’t need to have extra downloading updates or patches. Microsoft automatically rolls out the latest updates for Dynamics 365 every month or additions twice a year.

Looking for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce Partner to Experience Smooth Switching to Dynamics 365?

If you’re in search of experts to help you with smooth Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce implementation. We have got you covered with a team of qualified Dynamics 365 professionals. By joining hands with us, you deliver the experience you need to make your transformation to success.

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