Migrating your Website to AWS Cloud? Check Out Challenges and Benefits

  • Remote working has become a hot topic over the past few months.

  • Is your website running on WordPress? Are you facing issues with scaling the website audience and traffic effectively? Migrate to AWS Cloud to enhance the way you operate your website functions and analyze traffic or audience.

  • In this blog, we’ll discuss the challenges and benefits you can have while switching your website to Amazon Cloud.

Why Migrate to AWS?

With 15 years of experience as an AWS Cloud Computing Services provider, we can help you work with this cloud platform. We have explored a wide range of public cloud providers, but the Amazon Cloud Services have no match.

Also, migrating to AWS would be the most cost-effective and efficient way to go. As it turns out, Amazon S3 has been the most relevant cloud hosting solution for websites having static pages.

However, there would be a few challenges that people might face during the migration. These challenges might occur due to the lack of AWS Cloud Consulting Services experts’ assistance.

At Narola Solutions, we can guide you through the challenges and solutions for seamless migration. Let’s go through the major challenges faced during the migration to have a better understanding of the entire process.

Top 7 Challenges & Benefits of AWS Cloud Migration

  • 1. Bucket Name

    Every bucket name used on Amazon S3 should be unique. To host a static website based on WordPress, you can keep the bucket name, same as the Domain Name Server.

    2. SSL Certificates

    Having an AWS SSL certificate will help your website optimized as per the search engine’s guidelines. It also helps in better ranking. Unfortunately, with Amazon S3, you can’t have SSL with static website hosting. You can use Amazon CloudFront to fix this issue.

    3. Cache Policy

    For any website, it’s important to define the cache policy effectively. With Amazon S3, you can’t define the cache, on the other hand, Amazon CloudFront helps implement https protocols.

    4. Data Consistency

    While using Amazon Cloud Computing Services to upload the data on the cloud, it’s important to look after the data consistency models. When you upload new objects, they are available immediately but when you update or delete objects that data might not be available due to Amazon S3’s eventual consistency model.

    5. HTTPS Requests

    One of the bigger challenges in migrating to Amazon Cloud is to set up HTTP Request or Response Headers. You can do it either for each specific file or write a program to do it automatically. With AWS Lamba@Edge, setting up the HTTP Request can be simplified.

    The purpose of this service is to handle requests and responses that are to be processed through Amazon CloudFront. It also gives an additional benefit of search engine indexing that helps the website rank well in Google or other search engines.

    6. AWS Security

    For cloud and publicly-hosted websites, security comes as a prime concern. While migrating to the AWS platform, ensuring SSL certification is important. With AWS Certificate Manager and Amazon CloudFront, accessing buckets can be restricted.

    AWS enables you to control distribution requests based on the conditions you initialize and set in your system.

    7. Amazon S3 Storage

    Amazon Cloud saves you cost on extra storage. However, it’s important to use the right Storage Type within the Amazon S3 platform. With the right AWS Cloud Consulting Services by your side, you can learn and understand the suited storage type for your business.

    Amazon S3 offers 3 storage types for hosting static websites. Each of these storage types has unique SLAs and prices. To make the most of an AWS migration, hire an authentic AWS Managed Service Provider to understand your usage pattern.

Overall, Amazon Cloud Services is the best option to host your static content. It also helps organizations transferring a large amount of data to have data persistence, security, and enhanced migration performance. To make it faster and save expenses, Narola Solutions, an experienced AWS partner for years, can help you with seamless migration.

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