AWS Security and Cloud Compliance - Everything You Need to Know

  • Maintaining governance and compliance within the Cloud Services is far more important than maintaining it on-premise. Most organizations must meet specific regulations and specifications of cloud compliance. This affects their IT solutions to be monitored and implemented effectively.

  • The compliance should include certification like - ISO, HIPPA, or PCI DSS that can control security & data protection. AWS offers many tools & services to help organizations implement and control the environment. They can make sure whether they’re able to apply the deployments and policies to adhere to any specific requirements or not.

  • Through this blog based on AWS Cloud Compliance & Security, you can have a clear understanding of cloud governance & compliance. We have discussed how these factors can be utilized to maintain an outstanding AWS infrastructure across your organization. Let’s have a look!

Overview of AWS Security & Compliance

  • AWS Cloud Compliance

    AWS offers vigorous controls in place with the aid of data safety, sustainability, and security in the cloud. AWS Cloud Compliance designers construct predictable apps to help customers continue their work in an AWS-security-managed atmosphere.

    AWS Security

    Security is the most important aspect to be considered when it’s about Amazon Cloud Services. The AWS Security comes with all-inclusive features and solutions to help you secure your important data and user workloads.

    It enables users to inspect the security practices followed across the organizations and optimize the same. The cloud users can confidently trade in the cloud and save their money by paying only for specific services.

    While AWS Cloud Services are designed to be highly scalable and flexible, AWS Security and Compliance follow the industry standards. Even the data centers can be accessed through the principle of least privileged.

    Amazon has done an outstanding job to ensure that cloud security is up to the mark. But to leverage the maximum benefits of this platform, organizations have to do their part as well.

    Let’s read further to know how you can leverage the AWS security features to meet specific business requirements. And, protect the confidentiality & integrity of your data on the cloud.

Top 10 Features of Amazon Web Services Security

  • You have a responsibility to become familiar with each security-related AWS service. Here’s a quick rundown.

    • 1. Access Management

      Using this feature, you can assign specific roles and permissions to the users or groups to access all AWS resources. These resources are -

      • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
      • Amazon Relational Database Service
      • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Security

      You can assign each user a different AWS account and unique login credentials to access the AWS services and resources. With Identity and Access Management Multifactor Authentication, users who are trying to access AWS resources must enter the login details. This helps in strengthening the security of cloud data.

      2. Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Security

      Amazon VPC Security gives you complete control over all internal and external network traffic. You can use Amazon VPC to secure your application through restricted access to and from the Internet. You can also connect with the on-premise servers to your cloud-based VPC without needing to involve any public networks.

      3. Amazon Relational Database Service Security

      Amazon RDS Security helps you set up a relational database to scale and store data as needed. You must specifically provide individual access to all different parts of your databases to each user. For advanced control, you can operate your database instance in Virtual Cloud.

      4. Network Access Control List

      Using the AWS Security, you can create firewall rules to control incoming or outgoing traffic through –

      • TCP Protocol
      • UDP Protocol
      • ICMP Protocol
      • IP Address and
      • Ports

      Network ACL can help you prevent the DDOS attacks and blacklist traffic from specific IP Addresses.

      5. Data Encryption

      AWS provides unmatched Data encryption. When you create an encrypted EBS volume and store it the Database, data is automatically encrypted.

      Amazon Cloud Computing Services encrypt each data object with a unique key that is generated using the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard. On the other hand, RDS generates an SSL certificate for each DB Instance.

      6. Amazon Simple Storage Service

      Amazon S3 Security creates relevant Identity and Access Management processes to enable easy access to data within the Amazon Simple Storage Service bucket. As a user, you can select your encryption process or one that is provided by the Amazon S3 Security.

      7. AWS Snowball Security

      AWS Snowball security method enables easy and quick transferring of large data to S3, EBS, or Glacier storage. It is mostly used by the organizations needing to transfer over 100 GB of data and have slow connection speeds.

      8. Direct Connect

      AWS Direct Connect helps organizations to build a private virtual interface between their on-premise network and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. Direct Connect offers a secured and private network connection of high bandwidth to ensure 100% protection & greater security of data.

      9. AWS Cloud Trail

      Aws Cloud Trail offers you with a track record of all API calls made against your account resources. It also provides API calls made via the AWS Management Console, Software Developer Client, and command-line tools.

      10. AWS Trusted Advisor

      It identifies your AWS environment and provides valid suggestions for saving money and improving the system’s performance and reliability or bridging security gaps.

      Even without needing to have a premium subscription, it can warn you about the security threats and potential weaknesses. It provides a highly effective summary of your overall Amazon Cloud Services.

Take the Next Step

Apart from the Amazon Web Services security services, there are many more software packages available within the AWS Marketplace. You must learn to use them properly to enhance confidentiality, integrity, and protection of your cloud data.

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