Digital Transformation in Automotive Industry Through MS Dynamics 365

Can you imagine your life without network connectivity? With everything going digitalized, we are getting more inclined towards digital transformation in our daily life.

The automotive industry is also not an exception! Customers want to have easy connectivity and the most convenient driving experiences possible. That’s why it has become a major need to bring digital transformation in Automotive Industry.

By applying some of the recent advancements in technologies, innovations like IoT and AI can make huge impacts. There are many more ways through which you can bring digital transformation to the automotive industry. Big data, predictive analysis, augmented reality, chatbots, contactless operations, and automated processes are a few of the most important ones.

However, some of the early adopters are already embracing the advantages of this transformation. Here are some of the striking examples of automotive industry solutions

  • Lamborghini recently launched new cars with augmented reality.
  • Tesla designed cars with contactless technology.
  • Marelli implemented blockchain for car equipment to make transactions more efficient.

Digital Transformation has certainly unlocked many outstanding opportunities for the automotive industry. It can also help in providing better visibility into production processes, inventory operations, and ensuring greater accuracy, security, and enhanced productivity.

In response to this shift, Microsoft has analyzed the key areas to accelerate the digital transformation in the Automotive Industry. Check out how Dynamics 365 for Automotive has been the biggest help for most automotive companies.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP for Automotive Industry

Microsoft ERP and CRM for Automotive Industries can deliver superior productivity and agility from

  • Lean Manufacturing
  • International Quality Standards
  • Supply Chain
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics and
  • Financials

With the global popularity of the digitization in automotive manufacturing, there have been several key challenges that include demographic shifts and preferences, and hybrid models. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions, you can maximize the efficiency and flexibility of your automotive manufacturing processes. Here’s how Microsoft ERP Solutions for Automotive Industry help –

  • Enhance lean production time and reduce waste.
  • Streamline the entire production processes and product life history.
  • Embedded robust quality management.
  • Build a solid foundation for meeting product quality standards.
  • Cost reductions across your entire enterprise.
  • Streamlining global manufacturing operations.
  • Gain complete visibility into all manufacturing and inventory processes.
  • Get comprehensive end-to-end solutions for the automotive industry.

More Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the Automotive Industry

  • Product Lifecycle Management

    Gain access to real-time data.

    Boost visibility into the product development processes with outstanding project management and robust Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) capabilities.

    Achieve measurable improvements including cost and time reduction.

    Meet OEM EDI Requirements

    Faster and more accurate processes with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

    Well-defined outbound Advance Ship Notice (ASN) and invoicing transactions as required by the OEM experts.

    Optimize Inventory Management

    Faster inventory processes.

    Gain better visibility across all repetitive operations, job orders, or even project-based production processes.

    Go paperless with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Automotive Industry Solutions.

    Lean Manufacturing

    Implement, energies, and sustain lean manufacturing initiatives with Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions for Automotive.

    Outstanding tools and support services to streamline processes, reduce waste, enable demand-pull operations, and promote continuous improvement.

    Experience a comprehensive customer relationship, financial, collaboration, and supply chain management capabilities.

    Financial Accounting

    End-to-end integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Automotive with other Microsoft applications to get a full analysis of financial data in real-time.

    Meet the local financial requirements.

    Automatic accrual for consignment stock, bonus agreements, and goods.

    Automatic WIP tracking for productions and projects.

    Reduce costs and boost accounting performance.

    After Service and Parts

    Flexible engineering and product development capabilities.

    Meet the requirements for accelerated product innovation and shorter product lifecycles

    Unmatched tools and features to accurately and consistently forecast product demand to be ready with the right quantity at the right time.


The current scenario unveils testing opportunities for the automotive industry. There has been seen an urgent need for a closer partnership between automotive companies and tech solution providers like Microsoft. At Narola Solutions, we offer Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation and maintenance services to meet your specific business needs.

If you’re looking forward to bringing digital transformation into automotive company processes, connect with our team. We’ll guide you through the business-specific benefits of Microsoft ERP Solutions.

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