How Microsoft Helps Automotive Industry in Mobility Transformation?

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365, a platform with unique features and applications benefits businesses with two major services – CRM & ERP. This app can serve a wide range of businesses to achieve their required objectives and goals.

  • Microsoft Dynamics can play a significant role in driving digital transformation to the Automotive Industry. These days, Autonomous driving ecosystems and Emission-free automobiles are being the major concerns across the world.

  • Adding the power of Artificial Intelligence to transform this segment can be a boon for the automotive industry. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides outstanding Automotive industry solutions that are futuristic and innovative.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Automotive Industry – 5 Solutions to Transform Mobility

  • 1. Intelligent Manufacturing

    From painting to manufacturing, supply management, inventory management, shipping, delivery, and customer support, AI can streamline all operations. It is timesaving and can fill up the need for more resources to deliver outstanding experiences.

    2. Driver Monitoring

    Today’s technology-driven cars come up with the AI-powered cameras installed in it. These cameras can track all the movement of the driver’s eye. It would also send visual and attentive messages to alert driver for the unfavorable condition if detected any.

    Even the brakes can be controlled by the driver monitoring systems. Isn’t it the future of mobility?

    3. ADAS Systems

    If you want to reduce the human efforts in driving a car, ADAS systems can help. They can eliminate your driving efforts and deliver a safer and more convenient driving experience. This system comes up with the functions like - Collision mitigation systems, lane keep assist, and cruise control.

    4. Telematics for Traffic

    Through Microsoft Azure cloud technologies, you can check the real-time traffic congestion on the roads. You can even check out the forecasting of the upcoming traffic situations for specific directions using the AI-powered sensors.

    5. Vehicle Autonomy

    This gives you an estimation of around 4TB per hour. You can track how much data is used for running the autonomous vehicles. Only AI-driven systems have the potential to manage this data and give you real-time insights for the same.

    Autonomous driving is the next big thing that transforms the automotive industry with the use of Artificial Intelligence. Check out the AI-based products of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the automotive industry.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Products for Automotive Industry

  • Azure Cloud

    Microsoft Azure Cloud computing and machine learning features make it easier for people to work. Embracing the merged power of both, you can make valuable business predictions to estimate future growth and losses.

    Azure bots can eliminate 100% human efforts and deliver faster results. Several autonomous systems can also perform daily or regular activities within the business process.

    Virtual Assistant

    It uses human speech to respond in a computerized way. The virtual assistant can perform tasks and services using AI technology. Even the virtual chat is increasingly used in businesses to enhance their leads and sales conversions. There’s a great scope of Virtual Assistants.

    Dynamic365 Automotive Accelerator

    This tool comes up with many innovative solutions for the development of test drives and vehicle specifications. Check out some of the best solutions here -

    • Vehicle and equipment management
    • Customer portal engagement
    • Native CDM Support
    • Marketing automation
    • Pre-built entries and forms using Sample App
    • Service appointment scheduling solutions

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

    It’s a business application that streamlines your sales processes. Through outstanding sales automation and business forecasting, it can effectively help salespeople to maintain good relations with the new and existing clients.

    This application analyzes the complete business process. From audience segmentation to leads management, collection, and analysis of diversified data, it delivers more accurate results.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

    It is perfect for mid-sized to large organizations. They can perform effective resource planning using this software. Even, all essential processes of various departments across the organization can be achieved using this system –

    • Purchasing and sales
    • Logistics
    • Production
    • Projects
    • Finance
    • Customer service
    • Company administration

Conclusion -

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers you all possible solutions and products for bringing innovation and digital transformation in the automotive industry. With AI-driven applications, the driving experience can be more flexible and accurate.

You can also embrace the CRM and ERP capabilities of Dynamics 365 to improve the way your OEM based company works. It will enable your organization to work faster, function appropriately, and grow far more than your competitors.

If you want to implement Microsoft Azure cloud solutions or Dynamics 365 ERP or CRM for the automotive industry, we can help. We can get you reliable solutions that meet your business goals and expectations.

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