Get Closer to Automotive Transformation with the Right Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Automotive is the ultimate cloud platform to run your entire business.

Finding the right Microsoft Dynamics partner can add more value to it. From project initiation to closure, and beyond, they get you covered with everything.

As an automotive supplier and manufacturer that builds automotive products in-house, you must be facing many fundamental challenges as other manufacturing firms.

By moving towards Project Business Automation, you can address all these common project challenges in a holistic solution. The engineering involved in the automotive supply chain is more complex due to the increasing demands on mechanical, electrical, and network capabilities.

So, designing and building such complex projects while facing this increasing global competition and pricing pressure is overwhelming. Also, it requires manufacturers to meet the operational requirements of products within changing environments.

This combinedly raises the need for getting comprehensive automotive manufacturing software solutions that save you time and money while enhancing work efficiency.

Top 7 Benefits of Implementing ERP Solutions for the Automotive Industry


Discover the benefits Microsoft Dynamics ERP Automotive can add to your Automotive Industry Solutions.

  1. Whether you are a corporate or a government contractor, in aerospace or defense, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Platform can help you in uplifting your ETO project.
  2. Gain total control over your business and grow it the right way.
  3. Manage risk with real-time financial insight into the entire business.
  4. Go from reactive to proactive management of your projects.
  5. Drive real business value with cloud-enabled digital transformation for project business.
  6. Integrate engineering project processes from beginning to end.
  7. Build trust with customers through real-time collaboration.

Outstanding Capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics ERP for Automotive Solution

  1. Product Lifecycle Management
    • CAD integration
    • Product data centralization
    • Product structure management
    • Revision control
    • Engineering change management
    • Workflow automation
    • Product classification
    • Multi-site engineering collaboration

  2. Project Management
    • WBS management and scheduling
    • Resource management
    • Budget management
    • CBS management and costing
    • Month-end process
    • Risk and issue management
    • Project (demand) driven MRP
    • Material constraint management
    • Sensor point status (early detection)
    • Project performance analytics

  3. ERP

  4. CRM
    • Sales process management
    • Lead tracking
    • Opportunity management
    • Account and contact management
    • Social media tracking
    • LinkedIn sales navigator integration
    • Outlook integration
    • Mobile access
    • Dashboards and analytics

How to Find the Best Microsoft Dynamics 365 Automotive partner?

When you start using Microsoft Dynamics for the first time, it may seem to be terrifying. With the help of the right Dynamics 365 Partner, you will be able to unveil many outstanding capabilities of the same.


Here's a handy checklist to help you select an effective implementation partner that helps you with seamless integration for Automotive Suppliers:

    1. Rich Experience in Automotive Industry

    When you look for a partner, choose the one that can understand the following things –

    • Unique Pain Points of Your Business
    • Its Specific Requirements and
    • The Niche of Your Business

    You must also ask for their customer references who are like yours. It helps you judge their work capabilities even more and analyze the quality of their services.

    2. Knowledge & Expertise

    You must always choose an ERP partner that very well understands the strengths and limitations of the Microsoft Dynamics ERP Platform. Look for the ISVs whose competency can meet your company’s specific requirements.

    3. Greater Transparency

    For successful implementation, both the parties need to be specific about the expected outcomes, project timelines, and budget. Don’t consider choosing a partner who doesn’t maintain transparency in whatever they do.

    Choose the one who never hesitates in sharing the current performance of your project and its progress status or failures (if any). The partner that supports you the best to meet your needs, will be the one who can take it to success.

    4. Technical Support

    Check if your implementation partner also provides required training to all users, before, during, and after deployment. And if they offer ongoing support and process optimization for the system to make sure that the software remains efficient.

    5. Highly Scalable

    Look for a partner that also offers a future-proof and flexible solution to be adapted to your evolving business needs.

    6. Team of Consultants

    Choosing the best Microsoft Dynamics partner means finding a team of Dynamics 365 Automotive consultants that have rich experience to suggest different solutions. They all can based on their unique expertise can easily figure out what works the best for your business.

With the right partner, you will enjoy a smooth implementation process from training to execution and maintenance support.

If you're looking for a partner focused on helping you grow, consider working with Narola Solutions, a team of experienced consultants. We offer all-in-one business management cloud solutions for automotive project-based companies.

We can help you choose and deploy the ERP solutions that will elevate your business growth. To learn more about our offerings, connect with us today.

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