Strategies to Target Audience with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing

  • You have a brilliant business idea and you launch your products and services online!

  • What’s next? How are you going to find out what’s your target audience and how are you going to reach them?

  • As business owners and executives, we know how important ‘marketing’ is to attain desired results in the digital world. One of the proven marketing practices is to engage your customers with personalized content and offers that meet their specific needs.

  • However, it takes a lot of effort, time & money to reach your target audience, build long-term relationships, and convert them.

  • What if you could automate your marketing processes and reduce human efforts, cost, and time?

  • With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing, you can automate all marketing processes, streamline the customer’s journey, and ensure greater results

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing & Who Can Benefit from It?

Microsoft D365 for Marketing is a cloud-based marketing automation solution. The companies that are looking forward to attracting qualified conversions through landing pages, email marketing, and message-based marketing can utilize this platform.

It seamlessly integrates with different Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions like Sales & CRM to induce qualified leads, well-timed communication, and better conversions.

Moreover, it connects with different Microsoft Apps like Power BI & Adobe Marketing to proffer customized marketing tools and features like –

  • Audience Management
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Landing Pages Marketing
  • Remarketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Campaign Management
  • Event Management
  • Customer 360 Views
  • Analytics
  • Reporting and Many More

So, if you want to reach the right audience at the right time, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing is the smartest choice for you.

6 Key Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Solutions

By embracing the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Solutions, you can transform your business’s marketing opportunities.

Gain actionable insights out of your efforts and convert your audience into valued customers.

Let’s have a look at the Top 6 features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions for Marketing Automation

  • 1. Email Marketing

    With this marketing automation platform, you can create more engaging email templates that perfectly match with your customers’ expectations. It also helps you enhance them by reviewing their performance across various email platforms, devices, and more.

    Incorporating the CRM features with email marketing, Microsoft D365 for Marketing can let you experience the customized content interactions through logic workflows.

  • 2. Multi-Channel Campaigns

    Capture the attention of your audience, right when they are looking for you!

    The marketing automation solutions by Dynamics 365 enable businesses to generate more qualified leads by executing coordinated campaigns across multiple channels.

    From emails to landing pages, events, phone calls, social media and customized, capture your target audience wherever they are.

    Through automated workflows with re-targeting across channels, you will have real-time insights into results and attribution.

  • 3. CRM Integration

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing integrates the CRM features to help you transfer lead information seamlessly between the marketing and sales departments.

    It enables both departments to stay aligned and improvise future campaigns with more targeted strategies.

  • 4. Lead Segmenting & Nurturing

    As every customer is unique, it’s important to decide on which one is more serious and would convert fast.

    Through effective lead management and segmentation, marketers can be more focused on high-converting leads. They can engage them with personalized offerings through automated emails and messages that would trigger based on their online search patterns.

    When a lead is ready to be converted, it is sent to the sales representative for further actions.

    This outstanding feature helps businesses reduce their efforts and time invested in lead segmenting and nurturing.

  • 5. Social integration

    Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing to nurture leads and create a buyer’s journey based on their social content, interests, and interactions.

    Find out how your customer will react to a specific email and how you can engage them.

    The market insights driven by Artificial Intelligence helps you engage with more prospects and customers across additional social channels.

  • 6. Marketing Calendar & Insights

    Use Marketing Dashboards and Analytics tools to gain quick insights into campaign performance, users’ interactions, and more.

    It helps you with easy set up of campaigns using the marketing calendars, timelines and activities.

    The real-time information, social insights like mentions, likes, and shares would help you to refine the buyer’s journey more effectively.

What are the Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing?

Apart from its exceptional capabilities, you can get added advantages to smooth up your marketing operations and outshine the competition.

Here are a few more benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing platform that you can’t miss on -

  • Maximize marketing ROI by monitoring your marketing activities, their performances, and analyzing what works the best for you.
  • Gain deep insights into what your customers are looking for and make smarter decisions.
  • Attract more leads and improve event experiences with an easy-to-use and tailored platform that effectively manages webinars and person-specific events.
  • Acquire a holistic view of buyers, predict buyer intent, and transform the entire customer journey.
  • Build credibility to establish and grow relationships with customers.
  • Improve performance, empower employees, and enable the company to gain increasingly effective results.

Conclusion -

Microsoft D365 for marketing is a powerful marketing automation application that connects sales and marketing to drive built-in business intelligence.

Narola Solutions has earned the status of a Microsoft partner. As every business is unique, we first analyze the marketing needs and goals of your business. And, accordingly provide you the best of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for marketing solutions and how customization can deliver better results.

If you’re looking forward to empowering your business processes with a cloud-based marketing automation solution, we can help!

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