Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O - Warehouse Management at Your Fingertips!

  • Is your business involved in the supply of goods? It must have been the biggest challenge for your company to handle end-to-end logistics operations.

  • With full-spectrum warehousing solutions offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O, you can streamline your business operations in a single integrated package. These solutions do not only help you with your critical business operations but also bring technological innovation to it. As Microsoft is heavily invested in this area, the warehouse management module of Microsoft Dynamics ERP has become a benchmark solution. Let’s find out how it can be helpful for your business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations – A Complete Solution for Warehouse Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions provide the flexibility to define your warehouse layout according to your business’s changing needs. Using this exceptional application, you can divide your warehouse into zones to match the needs of different storage.

Here is the list of major components and features offered by this application -

    Placement and Storage Facility

    The Radio-Frequency Identification capabilities ensure improved accuracy, specification of location, and storage policies at the warehouse and item level.

    Inventory Dimensions

    Experience an easy identification of all inventory items based on the following factors –

    • Physical Location of Warehouse and Pallet
    • Item Origin
    • Serial Number
    • Batch Number
    • Size
    • Color

    On-Demand Refills

    As soon as your customers place the order, the products must be available for picking in a timely fashion. The ability of on-demand refills is done based on the forecasting and estimation of the following factors –

    • Sales peaks from promotions
    • New product releases
    • No. of orders placed by the customers

    Serial and Batch Number

    The Microsoft Dynamics ERP System generates a unique tracking number that helps to track a single item or group of items.

    Random Location Storage

    In general, the storage is allocated based on the picking and buffer locations. Through this application, you can select the storage location based on the item’s size and volume.

    Barcoding & Label Printing

    With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, you can print the following labels using their unique barcodes –

    • Pallet labels
    • Location labels
    • Bill of lading labels

    As the goods arrive at the warehouse for storage, you can register them in your system with a unique tracking number. This registration should be done before the goods are placed in inventory. This helps in keeping the items for customers through a specific location or batch to speed up the sales order.

    Location Specifications

    Through this smart and efficient application, you can specify warehouse locations on multiple levels –

    • Warehouse
    • Aisle
    • Rack
    • Shelf
    • Bin

    This also helps in defining each location based on space and pallet type parameters. You can also control how items are stored based on predefined location rules.

    Auto-Processing of Shipment

    Any changes that occur on sales orders will be updated on shipment’s details regardless of its location. This means, using the outstanding capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O, you can do the last-minute additions and cancellations to shipment. It also helps to reduce manual adjustments through the flexible shipment Load and shipment consolidation features.

    Why Upgrade Your Dynamics AX to the Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations?

    Are you are having the older version Microsoft Dynamics AX? This is important for you to know that Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O is equipped with the latest features of Warehouse management.

    Upgrading Dynamics AX to the Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations results in increased productivity and efficiency for handling fast-paced warehouse operations. In comparison to the previous version, this new application offers mobile compatibility through the Warehouse Mobile Device Portal (WMDP).

    The new application ensures deeper integrations with mobile devices to use a camera, GPS, and storage permissions. Unlike Dynamics AX, it’s easy to set up without the need to have any additional infrastructure space.

    However, to ensure the seamless configuration of this application, you’ll need authorized Microsoft Dynamics ERP consultants by your side. Narola Solutions is a certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner agency with 15+ years of industry-rich experience. If you’d like to upgrade your Microsoft Dynamics AX to the Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, we can help! Connect with us for further discussion.

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