Microsoft Dynamics 365, Not Just an ERP, But A Smart Business Solution!

Microsoft Dynamics 365, a sleek edition of Microsoft Dynamics solutions, unveiling unique ways to streamline your business processes and unlocking new opportunities to enhance productivity and communication.

It’s a unified package that serves your business with affordable, customized, and smart solutions through the combination of:

Due to its extensive features, scalable nature, and ability to address legacy data silos with advancing digital transformation, it has become the prime choice of most business owners.

The legacy systems are bulky, time-consuming, expensive, and outdated enough to meet the expectations of any business. So, the focus has shifted towards cloud-based ERP solutions that are easy to keep pace with ever-changing businesses’ and customer’s needs.

In a world where businesses are adopting new trends and revamping their methodologies to outshine their competition, Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions stand as the breath of fresh air.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Works Beyond Expectations!

To help businesses in simplifying their operations and increasing workplace productivity, Microsoft has launched many software and tools like Office 365, Outlook, Microsoft Power Platform, and more.

More than just an ERP and CRM System, the Dynamics 365 suite integrates with all existing Microsoft products and offers companies with all-in-one enterprise business software solutions under one roof.

Recently, Microsoft has announced new features of Dynamics 365 which include –

Microsoft Power Platform

It is the combination of Power BI, PowerApps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents.

  • Power BI helps users to make smart decisions based on data-driven insights generated through built-in AI capabilities. It can keep your data secured and compliant by reducing the extra cost and complexities in business operations.
  • PowerApps enables users to build their own custom mobile or desktop-based business applications embracing the power of Azure Cloud Services that can help you scale your business solutions using little-to-no code.
  • Power Automat helps users in seamlessly creating efficient workflows and automating the repetitive tasks by setting up ‘flows’ that is triggered on special events and enable employees to focus on more important tasks.
  • Power Virtual Agent is an excellent tool for businesses to optimize their processes and extend the resources by connecting with customers through AI-driven Chatbots that offer fast and prompt responses.

Here’s what you can expect from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services!

  • Sales - Helps you build and track relationships with customers, generate leads, get useful information about them, and many more.
  • Marketing - The partnership with Adobe Marketing Cloud helps to merge the sales and marketing operations to drive better revenues.
  • Customer Service - Build interaction with customers, provide them personalized services, and speed up your responses to meet their expectations.
  • Operations - Through Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, you can cover all aspects of financial and operational planning, reporting, manufacturing, and supply chain management.
  • Intelligent - Through predictive and actionable insights powered by AI and Azure Machine Learning, you can enhance scalability and transparency.
  • Mobile Apps - Optimize your mobile workforce to do Intelligent scheduling, remote monitoring, contract, and inventory management, and more.
  • Service Automation - From resource management to contracts handling, budgeting, and more, manage all crucial operations of your projects from start to end.

The new features, tools, and competencies added to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 make it far more capable than just an ERP and CRM system.

These days, more than 80% of businesses across the world are impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, these Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions have been highly beneficial for small to medium-sized businesses in managing their business processes right from their homes.

Moreover, the platform benefits users with the freedom to pay only for the applications they wish to use and customize them as per their needs and goals.

If you’re using an older version of the Microsoft Dynamics AX and looking forward to Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementations to ensure greater productivity at the workplace, you need a third-party technology expert like ‘Narola Solutions’.

With a team of well-qualified experts and professionals, we can help you with highly affordable and result-driven services to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions to your business processes in one go.

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