Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing Business - A Choice or Need?

  • Competition is forcing Manufacturers to bring constant improvements in their products & services. Whether it’s about transportation, inventory management, cost control, dealing with compliance regulations, or other things, manufacturers face challenges every single day.

  • However, these challenges may vary from one manufacturer to another.

  • To turn these obstacles into a business opportunity, the manufacturers need to shift from being product suppliers to solution providers.

  • By implementing a good integrated ERP System, customer satisfaction and business processes can be optimized more efficiently.

  • When it comes to ERP or CRM operations, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has no match in delivering customized business solutions that drive results.

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Helps Manufacturing Businesses?

Whether you are focused on the process or discrete manufacturing, the digital transformation must be tailored to the unique needs of your business.

An AI-powered solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Resource Planning Software is completely customizable.

Integrate it with Microsoft Business Applications like Power BI & Power Apps to streamline processes and gain operational efficiencies.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite contains two ERP apps for manufacturing businesses – Business Central & Finance and Operations.

To analyze which one fits best to your business needs will depend on the scope of your organization. Although, both applications are highly scalable and effective.

Here are the key manufacturing benefits of these apps that you should know before implementing any –

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
    Production control Production orders
    Master planning Version management
    Material and capacity planning Agile manufacturing
    Resource management Basic supply planning
    Job scheduling and sequencing Demand forecasting
    Product configuration Capacity planning
    Shop floor management Machine centers
    Inventory management Finite loading
    Master planning
    Multi-site warehouse management
    Transportation management
    Order promising
    Distribution planning
    Quality management
    Direct and indirect procurement
    Purchase requisitions
    Supplier relationship management
    Vendor self-service portal

9 Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing Businesses

  • 1. Inventory Control

    Inventory management is a big headache for most manufacturers. Having the right inventory means the demands of your customers are fairly fulfilled.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O comes with an inventory control application that offers accurate visibility and inventory counts for better production planning.

    The ERP System evaluates the inventory from the customer’s orders.

  • 2. Streamline Warehouse Operations

    The integrated Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O solutions enable you to seamlessly connect throughout every stage of your supply chain.

    From logistics, production, warehouse management to sales and purchasing, introduce a fully integrated 360-degree view of your internal processes.

  • 3. Lot Tracking

    Whether it’s about raw material or finished products, manual data entries bring inaccuracies in tracing specific numbers.

    A complete manufacturing ERP system manages both forward tracking as well as backward lot tracking.

    If your company is regulated by the FDA, you have no choice, but to adopt an ERP solution to ensure 100% accuracy. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution also helps you identify the affected products and pick out their specific batch numbers.

  • 4. Optimize Production Planning

    Managing the supply chain in real-time is the most important thing to do if a manufacturer is into the gig economy.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 connects and optimizes every stage of your business process. From production planning, scheduling, operational management to cost reduction, embrace the power of automated solutions to increase efficiency.

  • 5. Material Requirement Planning

    When implemented correctly, MRP can reduce cashflow with greater profitability.

    Calculate the optimum production using the outstanding features of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

    Moreover, the sales forecasting, open orders, billing, inventory status, manufacturing capacity, and components optimization, everything can be streamlined through ERP implementation.

  • 6. Improve Visibility into Products

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping manufacturers around the globe get lean while implementing proactive approaches.

    With real-time insights generated through Power BI, you can enhance your maintenance program and make well-informed decisions.

  • 7. Boost Employees Productivity

    When employees are using the right tools and right data, their productivity and efficiency at workplace would boost automatically.

    By using Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, you can enable your employees to adopt modern manufacturing methods. Moreover, cloud-based solutions enable employees to easily monitor issues and fix them remotely using virtual tools.

    Hence, Microsoft Dynamics 365 can widely help manufacturers to grow in all aspects.

  • 8. Deliver Personalized Service

    For any business, providing customers with more personalized service is key to success. When the employees have a 360-degree view of each customer’s journey, delivering value-added customer services becomes easier.

    It helps employees identifying the customers’ needs and personalize every interaction.

  • 9. Reporting

    Through Manufacturing ERP, you can ensure accurate reporting of data with better visibility.

    While sorting huge quantities of data can be a bit tedious, the reporting tools like can make the entire process easy and accurate. And the best part is that the reporting database can be automatically updated with each transaction in the system.

    As a certified Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM partner, Narola Solutions has deep knowledge and expertise in the manufacturing industry. With decades of experience, we can quickly identify the best ways to help your business achieve optimal results within fewer resources.

    At Narola Solutions, we help you achieve your business goals and drive digital transformation to the manufacturing operations. Whether your organization is upgrading an existing CRM and ERP system or seeking a brand-new implementation, we can help!

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