How Migrating from Legacy Dynamics AX is a Business Opportunity

With fast-growing innovation in technology and trends, businesses that don’t adapt changes to their work processes and methods, often lag behind.

As an existing Microsoft Dynamics AX user, the transition to the cloud-based intelligent platform Microsoft Dynamics 365, is designed to ensure that your business operations run more seamlessly.

However, you may be wondering “How upgrading to the cloud solution could help my business while legacy Microsoft Dynamics AX is still working perfectly fine for me?”.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is still a young product, and you are already doing great with customized solutions offered by your current system.

So, considering the ERP and CRM implementations, migrating to Microsoft Dynamics 365 from Microsoft Dynamics AX won’t be a ground-breaking transformation.

But then, think about your competitors, think about the value and services they are giving to their customers, think about your employees.

You will realize, besides Microsoft Dynamics AX working perfectly fine to meet your business expectations, the Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions have got their own taste.

Upgrading your ERP system to cloud is undoubtedly the smartest choice to take advantage of all those invaluable benefits that a legacy software can’t offer.

What If You Don’t Migrate from Microsoft Dynamics AX to Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 have comparable functionality. But the heavy investment of Microsoft in its newly launched Microsoft Dynamics 365 series has resulted in a variety of new features within the upgraded platforms.

So, if you don’t migrate to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and decides to stay with the older version, here are the opportunity costs and consequences that your business might have to bear

Cost & Time Consumed in System Installation

The legacy Microsoft Dynamics AX application needs to be installed on your computer to access it. As in the newer version of Microsoft Dynamics, users can experience a new login procedure through the web-browser, it can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Hence, not upgrading from Microsoft Dynamics AX would cost you time and money both in installing the application separately on each employee’s PC.

Lack of Integrations

Being a cloud-based platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 has the capabilities to do extensive integration with other platforms like - Office 365, PowerBI, Dynamics CRM apps, and many more.

In Microsoft Dynamics AX, you will have limited integration possibilities with limited access to the features.

Outdated Business Intelligence

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is powered up with artificial intelligence analytical services, and azure technology.

These capabilities massively offbeat the efficiency of Microsoft Dynamics AX in terms of business reporting and intelligence.

Mainstream Support for Limited Period

Even Microsoft Dynamics 365 will be outdated one day, and you’ll need to upgrade to the newest version again.

Hence, additional cost in installation, upgrades, or implementation?

No, with cloud-based instance, you’ll not need to upgrade it manually, it will be updated automatically as the latest features are introduced.

In that case of Microsoft Dynamics AX, you will face a hard time getting the latest updates for newly launched features and tools as the mainstream support will possibly end by 2023.

No Access to the Updated Features

Through the incarnation of Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft has come up with a wide range of updated and improved features in the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 version.

Some of the latest features that you can’t access in Microsoft Dynamics AX are -

  • Workspaces – Use multiple features of Finance and Operations in a customizable dashboard. Simplified User-Experiences!
  • Advanced Search – Fetch desired information from anywhere in the system using the Global Search Feature. Fast & Quick Results in seconds!
  • Inventory Balance Report – Overview Inventory Balances, Annual Inflow & Outflow through Cost Admin Workspace. Updated every day!
  • Performance Monitoring – Generate robust and customized work and progress reports in just a few clicks. The analysis made it easy!
  • Purchase Order Confirmation – Keeping it transparent between vendors and customers, a centralized view is generated to overview the confirmed orders and their status. Reduced Complexities!

With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 team putting pertinacious efforts to enhance its capabilities and add in extra proficiencies, staying with Microsoft Dynamics AX will cost you great loss in all aspects.

Greater employee hours resulting in lesser productivity, more expenditure on resources, time-draining on tedious tasks and loss in revenue are few of the said examples for the same.

At Narola Solutions, we help businesses perform a cost-effective and feasible migration from Microsoft Dynamics AX to Microsoft Dynamics 365 without noticing any data loss or issues during the same.

If you’d like to step into the world of the latest innovations and trends, upgrade your business from Microsoft Dynamics AX and experience the new possibilities to streamline the operations, and generate desired profits.

Connect with us to make the next move towards migration!

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