Progress in your Business Finances with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Finance is the most important department in any company. It gets quite challenging to manage and handle financial processes without expert assistance. With the growing need for technology and innovation, your employees expect advanced working methodology across the company.

On the other hand, human errors in accounting and finances can create huge losses for your company. To ensure greater productivity and proficiency from your employees, you need an ERP system that streamlines your business operations.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, you can enhance your financial performance and boost Return on Investment (ROI). This Enterprise Resource Planning System enables your organization to have extensive security through Microsoft Azure Cloud technology.

The finance department of any company is the most important one. From managing your employee’s salary accounts to keeping track of the company’s sales and purchases, they look after all financial operations. With changing scenarios and work patterns across the world, new challenges are being faced by the businesses.

Furthermore, you can see data and information in real-time by staying in sync through Outlook or other Microsoft applications.

Read further to know more about the financial capabilities of MS Dynamics 365 F&O (earlier known as Dynamics AX).

An Overview to the ‘Finance Module’ of Microsoft ERP Solutions

  • Innovate your business finances with the depth of intelligent and adaptable Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions.

  • Powered by Azure and Integrated with Microsoft 365 apps, Power BI, this platform comes up with secure and extensible solutions. If you want to transform your business processes with AI-driven predictive insights, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the perfect match.

  • It centralizes your data and information one location providing a seamless experience to your team members.

7 Great Finance Capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Let’s explore its capabilities to learn why this could be the solution that you are looking for!

  • 1. Automated Financial Processes

    • Integrate your system with other Office apps to automate and prioritize tasks that save you time and cost.
    • Convert your normal workspace into a smarter one by enabling fast, intelligent actions and decisions through Power BI real-time insights.
    • Get a high-end view of your key business matrices with an efficient breakdown of business transactions.
    • Monitor the health of your business to enhance financial performance and ROI.

  • 2. Reduce Financial Complexity

    • Keep in pace with changing local and global financial requirements.
    • Embrace a flexible, guided, rules-based chart of accounts and dimensions to get easy and accurate results.
    • Manage rapid changes in your company’s regulatory requirements.
    • Implement a no-code configuration service to modernize regulatory and tax reports, e-invoicing, and payments.

  • 3. Optimize Productivity

    • Access real-time data and view information from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.
    • Use the cloud capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations to simplify data-exchange and information-sharing.
    • Access invoices, expenses, and upload receipts without needing to have an appropriate internet connection.
    • Access invoices, expenses, and upload receipts without needing to have an appropriate internet connection.
    • Centralized data provides easy access to employees with a real-time view of information, that eventually helps in 3 ways –

      • Reduces extra time spent on information everyone about the latest corrections.
      • Keeps people updated on the latest information, regardless of their location & device.
      • Helps team members with well-informed decisions that enhance the quality of outcomes.

  • 4. AI-Driven Insights

    • Get real-time and unified financial reporting through embedded Power BI analytics and AI-predictive insights.
    • Monitor your business financial performance & make necessary improvements.
    • Optimize cash flow and make smart decisions to drive growth faster.

  • 5. Customized Documents

    • Adapt to the changing needs of your growing business.
    • Customize invoices, bills, and statements using Office 365 templates.

  • 6. Reduce Cost

    • Lower up your expenses and optimize the investments across business geographies through process automation, budget control, financial planning, and analysis.
    • Bring automation in recurring billing to adapt to new revenue recognition standards.
    • Reduce audit costs and drive more accuracy in evaluating or reporting your financial statements.

  • 7. Budget Control

    • Streamlining financial functions will result in increased profits and ROI.
    • Implementing cloud-based Microsoft ERP solutions, reduce extra cost on IT maintenance to stay on budget.
    • Access to the real-time data of the projects helps you in tracking whether your budget is under control or not.

  • 8. Advanced Security

    • Keep your business data and policies secured with MS Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations ERP System.
    • With cloud capabilities, you will have access to data throughout the day with 100% security and support. It helps you focus on other projects with ease.
    • Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD) enables businesses to identify users and manage control permissions. The persons who are not authorized to access the information won’t be able to view it.

Are you interested in implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations to elevate your financial company’s performance? For those who wish to concentrate on added profits and ROI, Narola Solutions offers the possibility of business process automation.

We look after the complete system to ensure a smooth changeover from your current system. We believe every business is different and therefore, our solutions stand unique for each business

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