6 Benefits of Having Access to Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights

  • Isn’t it strenuous to explore the endless amount of data gained from different sources? It’s even more difficult to use that data to understand your customers’ behavior and deliver tailor-made services to enhance their user-experiences.

  • To overcome these challenges, you’d need a complete and actionable view of every customer across different touchpoints. This can truly make a difference between success and failure.

  • By implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights, you get a customer service data platform. This platform merges all information and offers a 360-degree view of customers’ data to help organizations deliver personalized customer experiences.

  • The unified data and intelligence insights can help your company with increased engagement in marketing, sales, or services. Hence, you can maximize your profits and

    • Conversion rates on lead nurture programs
    • Overall lifetime value via targeted customer service
    • Lead scoring, as well as upselling/upgrading opportunities

How to Make the Most of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights?

Here are the benefits of using customer service data to maximize the personalization in your offerings.

  • 1. Predictive Scoring

    It helps companies to incorporate AI in their business operations to predict a range of business outcomes like –

    • Which are pre-qualified leads?
    • Which leads need more nurturing?
    • Which opportunities will engage more during a specific time of period?

    Utilizing this predictive scoring feature, your company would be able to predict the business outcomes with more accuracy. You can also get a customer satisfaction score (CSAT) to improve further activities.

    Furthermore, you can automatically discover the best predictive signals and determine the interpretable predictive factor.

    2. Gain Detailed Insights of Customers

    Get a complete unified view of customers with in-depth insights like history, interests, activities, and interaction records with your brand.

    With the AI-driven intelligent insights and recommendations received at your fingertips, you can motivate your employees to connect and engage with customers. This helps in building strong relationships through an omnichannel experience.

    3. Predictive Matching

    Data received from multiple sources leverages unique fields to identify records. What your CRM system calls a customer and what your Marketing system calls a customer can be different!

    By utilizing the capabilities of advanced tools, you can do the predictive matching of data from multiple data fields into a single profile. This helps you in providing your employees with a stronger 360-degree view of your customer data.

    4. Data Unification & Customers’ Segmentation

    Brings together all your customer’s data (transactional, observational, and behavioral). Also, fetch the information using other sources through connectors and advanced built-in tools for mapping, matching, and merging of scattered data.

    Now, as your prospects move through their journey to the customer, you can segment them at different buying stages. This helps your sales team in nurturing them even more towards becoming customers.

    5. Unlock Intelligent Recommendations

    Using the AI-driven recommendations and Azure machine learning capabilities of Dynamics 365, you can

    • Gain Deeper Insights
    • Discover New Customer Segments
    • Predict Customer Intent
    • Identify Next Best Actions
    • Provide Product Recommendations, and a lot more

    You can leverage these real-time insights and KPIs to connect with the customers with more confidence. This massively helps companies in delivering more personalized and engaging experiences and optimizing their business processes across all channels like

    • Email Marketing
    • Advertisement
    • Website
    • Marketing Campaigns, etc.

    6. Adapt and Extend

    Ask your customer service managers to embed the intelligent customer insights into powerful services and tools in the Azure platform.

    You can also use these insights to integrate into other business applications like Power BI, PowerApps, or Dynamics 365 Sales/Marketing/Service. Using APIs, you can seamlessly access rich customer data, enable informed decision-making, and serve the customers better.

    If you want to get a holistic view of your customers to predict more accurate business outcomes and deliver enhanced services, get started with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights in assistance with Narola Solutions.

    We’ll help you discover hidden insights from your fragmented customer data using the advanced features of Dynamics 365. Connect with our customer service team to learn about the value of these predictive insights and customer information.

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