3 Ways How Dynamics 365 Talent Transforms Your Typical HR Operations

For any organization to sustain and grow, the first step is to hire the right talent for the company. Certainly, an HR team can hire the right candidates to get the job done, but rising competition works as a barrier. From the lack of skilled talent to optimal employee engagement, the world has witnessed a major shortage of skilled employees.

Employees are the most important assets of the company and this is the only factor that separates competitors from each other. The organization that has the best talent can always be seen on a growing side.

So, how to get the best talent for your company?

Well, if you want to get ahead of the competition and make your company stand out, switch to Microsoft D365 HR Software. It helps you leverage exceptional opportunities to attract the right people, ensure increased engagement, and growth.

What Makes Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources Platform the Right Choice for Your Company?

The HR module of Dynamics 365 ERP solution helps organizations with the following functions –

  • Storing Employee Data
  • Managing Payrolls
  • Maintaining Policies
  • Streamlining HR Processes.

However, not all HR modules are employee-centric. Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR Software can reduce the total amount spent per employee on all HR-related services by 26%.

If you’re wondering why you would need a separate and dedicated app to manage your HR solutions. You should give a try to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent platform once.

The platform offers unlimited scope, capabilities, and enhancement options to meet the varying HR needs of all unique businesses.

It enables you to compete for the best candidates and build sustainable relationships with candidates from the very first contact. By using the D365 HR Software, you can simplify your hiring experience, interview processes, and increase transparency between the candidate & recruiters.

Furthermore, you can promote an immediate feedback process between the hiring team and candidates to shorten the time to fill vacancies.

There are a lot more benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

  1. Increased Candidate Engagement
  2. The cost of hiring the wrong talent is way greater than missing out on someone outstanding for the job. The companies must ensure a transparent and compelling experience to keep the candidates engaged and excited throughout the entire hiring process.

    By implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR, you can showcase your corporate culture and create a good first impression on the candidates. The job applicants can submit their interview availability, track their job application, and also get 100% visibility into the entire hiring process.

    It builds their faith in the company and increases the zeal to work with the organization.

  3. Efficient Onboarding
  4. The hiring process doesn’t stop at interviewing the candidates, selecting them, and offering the joining letters. It continues until after the candidate’s onboarding.

    With Dynamics 365 for Talent, your HR team can create impressive onboarding templates for every new employee and keep them engaged. Introduce new employees to their seniors, colleagues, and work responsibilities. Assign them a list of what activities to do and make them understand how to do everything to ensure efficient onboarding.

  5. LinkedIn Integration
  6. One of the biggest challenges the HR team of any organization faces is - the differences in data received from multiple sources. The companies must match the data from LinkedIn profiles, resumes, portfolios of work, and job applications to make the right decision.

    Dynamics 365 for Talent ensures seamless integration with LinkedIn's Recruiter service. It enables the HR team to access the right tools to streamline their employee recruitment process.

    They can get access to every candidate’s LinkedIn profile and setup interviews invite and manage interview feedback from a single console.

So, this is how Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR software works towards meeting your HR expectation. If you want to know more about the benefits, features, or functionalities of the software, how you can implement it in your organization for seamless employee management, connect with us.

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