Streamline HR Operations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR Software

For newly launched startups, it’s difficult to keep track of their employee’s data due to a lack of expertise. On the other hand, big enterprises find it complex to manage such a large number of data.

Microsoft D365 Human Resources is the absolute solution to streamline your HR Management operations. This allows your team to keep track of the entire lifecycle of the employees. From recruitment management to employees’ administration and employee development, this enables you to smooth up the entire work process.

Right up to a standalone usage as an HCM solution, this modular solution is freely scalable. Let’s have a look at the comprehensive features and capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR Software.

8 Exclusive Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

HR for Dynamics is undoubtedly the most innovative HR solution across the globe. It saves you a lot of time and money and helps you with more convenience and security in HR operations.

There are a lot of more advantages of using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent Platform that you can consider in decision making.

    1. Modular and Scalable

    This platform has a modular structure that delivers a fully comprehensive HR management solution. Furthermore, the solution is 100% flexible and scalable and works as the biggest asset for small to mid and large-sized companies.

    2. Recruiting & Onboarding

    From job planning to application management, this platform supports you throughout the entire lifecycle of the job applicants. Right from the first day of the employees to their end of the onboarding, you can affect the HR management.

    3. Employee Administration

    The Recruiter System Connect (RSC) provides all essential functions to streamline employees’ administration process. It gets you a time-consuming approach to create requests in the self-service portal and check information regarding the leave days, consumed leaves, and more.

    4. Talent Management

    The Dynamics 365 Talent management module is equipped with unique functions that help companies in finding the right candidates for job openings. From annual reviews to target agreements and training, you can ensure the smooth working of employees across your organization.

    5. Time & Attendance

    You can get all important features to track, evaluate, and analyze attendance and total work hours of employees on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. As every company is unique, so are its employees.

    6. Leave & Absence

    The Leave & Absence module is packed with comprehensive options for handling leave requests and record management. The team managers and HR can approve leave based on the real-time view of other employees’ availability on calendars.

    7. Training Management

    The training and education module of Dynamics 365 enables organizations to introduce training measures. From the selection of internal and external seminar providers to the admin candidates, it helps you with the easy creation of certificates.

    8. Reporting

    HR for Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers real-time insights based on AI technology. With comprehensive diagrams, charts, graphs, and tables, your HR employees can have an immediate view of –

    • Employees’ Total Working Hours
    • Holiday or Vacation Details
    • Training Needs Across Specific Departments
    • Sick Leaves Information
    • Recruitment Processes and Much More.

    Furthermore, the HR’s can track time-critical processes any time via the Deadline Dashboard that can be accessed in Microsoft Outlook or web browser.

Switch your company’s operations to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resource Management platform and make your employees focus on more important tasks. This helps in enhancing the productivity of your HR team that results in increased productivity of the entire company.

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