Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources - Manage Employees Lifecycle

What is the biggest asset of any company? The answer is simple – ‘Employees’. If you’re owning a small to mid-sized organization, managing your employees must have been the biggest challenge for you.

Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources for delivering outstanding features to ease out your company’s recruiting and staff management operations.

From recruitment and onboarding to management and Human Capital Management (HCM) reporting, this platform can do everything with sheer ease.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR Software comes equipped with unique features and capabilities such as –

  • Integration with LinkedIn
  • Microsoft Power BI dashboards
  • Interactive Analytics and more.

These features ensure that the entire management of human resourcing is optimized and productive.

Acting as a single platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR management combines information silos and makes decision making easier.

5 Impressive Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources Making Businesses Love It!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent Management platform is a combination of rich features and capabilities that help to streamline HR operations. Let’s have a look at what it upholds -

    1. LinkedIn Integration
    2. LinkedIn has a great user-base. Integrate LinkedIn with your Dynamics 365 Talent and leverage the power of social networking to find the right candidates for your company.

      It also enables you to combine the candidate’s data from LinkedIn with Calendar and Office 365 to accelerate the hiring process. Once you have the candidate’s data, your team can shortlist them based on their skill set, personality, and knowledge.

      You can select the final candidates and email the offer letter to them in one easy step.

    3. Process Optimization
    4. You can take your employees’ onboarding process to the next level using MS Dynamics 365 HR software. This platform allows you to introduce relevant resources to their peers and new hires.

      By integrating this platform with other ERP and CRM applications, you can promote conversation and efficient work management in a single platform.

    5. Employees Empowerment
    6. Automate workflows, processes, and task management using Dynamics 365 Talent platform. This platform gives you a 360-degree view of all your employees.

      From their job positions and work responsibilities to skills, hierarchies, and the organization structure, you can access everything in real-time.

      By shifting your operations to this platform, you can enhance the work efficiency of your employees. And empower managers to track project completion, identify bugs, and take instant actions immediately.

    7. Optimize HR Policies
    8. Get 100% visiting the latest enrolments and share streamlined guidelines with them. You can also create a meaningful compensation program to boost the productivity of the employees.

      Your company’s HR department is responsible to create all employees’ policies regarding leaves, absences, working, and more. This platform smoothens up your HR team’s work and reduces man-efforts.

    9. Employee Development
    10. HR’s are responsible to identify the employees’ skill gaps and address them by introducing various learning sessions. The interactive analytics of the HR platform can do it all.

      You can also introduce a performance review plan to ensure employees are meeting their objectives and completing the assigned tasks on time.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resource Implementation is the smartest investment your company can ever make. After all, Human Resourcing is the root of any company. So, if you’re willing to automate the processes and promote employees’ work effectiveness across the company, give it a try.

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