Challenges to Expect in Field Services and How Dynamics 365 Helps

Field Service is about offering services to the customers right at their respective locations. A few of the top examples of the field services are –

  • System Installation
  • System Maintenance and,
  • Fix or Repair Services etc.

The companies that offer Field Services must manage their workers’ activities, service scheduling, dispatching work, locating vehicles, and more. Efficient management leads to productive outcomes.

In this modern age of technology, while the companies are inclined towards automation in their work processes, field services come with many challenges.


Top 5 Challenges Faced by Field Service Businesses

Let’s have a look at some of the major challenges faced by the Field Service Industry

    1. Inconsistent Scheduling

    Customers’ satisfaction is based on the quality of the services they receive and pay for. To ensure the best customer experiences in the field service industry, companies must rely on their employees to meet the customers’ expectations. Lack of efficient scheduling can create a delay in the delivery of the services and lower up customer satisfaction.

    2. Added Expenses

    When it comes to field service management, one of the major expenses is ‘rework’. To plan for a revisit to the customer’s location, companies have to plan everything once again. From sending the right person with the right tools and at the right time, everything becomes challenging. Also, planning a revisit does cost double to the companies.

    3. Poor Communication

    Customers like to stay informed about their services. For example, if they have requested a service and would like to cancel, they must know the status of the technician, his/her location, and everything.

    They can also choose to reschedule the service on a different day rather than canceling it. Better visibility leads to better communication and customer satisfaction.

    4. Inefficient Management

    The data has the power to upgrade or downgrade any company’s revenue. To ensure enhanced performance, companies need precise and well-researched data to compare their employees’ performances against goals.

    The companies that can’t have precise data about the service demand across the industry, their customers’ interests and competitive landscape are often led behind.

    5. Reactive Readiness

    The fifth and most crucial challenge that field service businesses face is the inability to recognize a technological shift. They can’t implement proactive service management styles and technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) on time.

    This inefficiency gives its competitors added advantages and opportunities to attract their customers. The good news is that with the right technology system and D365 field service business app, companies can fix all these challenges.

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Management Helps?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Software is a powerful addition to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite. It comes up with some wonderful benefits to streamline field service management with ease.

Here are a few of the top features of the Field Service Automation Dynamics 365 App. Using these outstanding features and capabilities, companies can fix all challenges faced in the Field Service Industry.

    1. Access to the Best Technicians

    Every work is different, and it needs experts to deliver the right quality. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service app, you can get the best matches of the technicians as per the required skillset.

    2. Smart Scheduling

    It reduces the time spent in analysis during the creation of work orders. The platform can fetch the right results based on the analysis of customer preferences, technician’s availability, location, skillset, and more. Based on the top matches, organizations can assign the work orders to the best-suited technicians.

    3. Work Order Management

    Organizations can create work orders directly from the customer portal, email, or CRM system. They can also track the status of work order accomplishment and plan invoicing accordingly. The technicians can also share the photos of the work done by them and the status of their sign-off and payment collection.

    4. Fixed Appointments

    By using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile App, technicians can track the customer’s location and reach there on time using the right directions. This helps in enhancing customer satisfaction.

    5. Case History

    The Microsoft Dynamics Field Service Management gives a 360-degree view of customer preferences and their order history. With precise information, organizations can achieve complete organizational alignment with Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Field Service teams.

    6. Asset Management

    Organizations can get complete visibility into warranty and service agreements. They can also evaluate their total revenue, related costs, and audit history.

    7. Analytics

    With centralized information of everything, companies can have key analytics and KPIs are at your fingertips. This improves decision making.

Every industry has challenges, but the right software and tools can ease out everything. In the case of the field services industry, Microsoft Dynamics 365 serves as the best option to help companies streamline their major operations. If you want to ensure automation in your services too, switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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