Does Your Business Need Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation?

  • With clients becoming more sophisticated, organizations are turning to Project Service Automation (PSA) to ensure greater customer satisfaction.

  • PSA is no longer an upcoming technology. It’s here with Microsoft Dynamics 365, enabling a centralized customer engagement system for project sales, resourcing, delivery, and billing.

  • It brings people, processes, and technology together to give a unified experience of business automation and productivity enhancement.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation?

Microsoft Dynamics Project Service Automation is specifically designed for businesses that draw revenue by selling project-based services.

  • This application helps such businesses streamline all project-based processes, including budget estimation, resource scheduling, sales, time, and work structure management.
  • It makes it easier for the sales team to identify business opportunities along with ensuring that finances are done appropriately.
  • Furthermore, Microsoft Dynamics 365 PSA application rolls all elements needed for running and completing a project into one easy tool.

If you want to build trusted customer relationships by delivering outstanding project experiences, this is for you.

Move your business operations to Project Service Automation Solution to ensure on-time project-delivery with greater productivity.

Are you still confused about whether you should move your business operations to Microsoft Dynamics 365 PSA or not? Check out the features and functionality of the application here!

5 Key Capabilities of Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you plan and deliver successful projects using a customer-centric service delivery model.

By forecasting the resource demand, it ensures that the right resources are used for the right projects.

If you’re planning to move your project-based operations towards automation, let’s take a closer look at how Project Service Automation works.

Learn how it can deepen your customer engagement, empower your sales, and optimize growth!

  • 1. Opportunity Tracking

    New and existing both clients are important. With Dynamics 365 PSA features, you can identify and manage the opportunities to target these clients for the upcoming project.

  • 2. Project Quotations

    The pricing quotations should be optimized based on different scenarios. Get researched insights into the standard rates and customer-specific rates to build accurate quotations.

  • 3. Resource Plans

    Every project is different and so should be your approach! With Project Service Automation Solution, you can develop customized resource plans for staff mapping and greater opportunities.

  • 4. Project and Contract Setup

    The project should start with clarity in its contract terms! Through Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can set up and track key information about the project to keep the team members updated.

  • 5. Time Entry and Approvals

    Setup project deadlines & approval timeframes to ensure seamless execution! Embracing the cloud capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can get the project timesheets from all your employees. The integration with the mobile time entry app makes the timesheets review and approval 5 times easier.

  • 6. Project Analytics

    Stay updated with projects’ latest status through AI-enables insights. Leverage Microsoft’s Power BI data visualization, analytics, and reporting capabilities to create powerful interactive dashboards. You can access these dashboards on your mobile device from sitting anywhere.

  • 7. Client Billing

    Generate accurate project invoices through flexible invoice designs. The integration of Dynamics 365 PSA with a mobile expense capture app makes it easier to capture, approve, and re-bill project expenses.

  • 8. Resource Scheduling

    Stay prepared for the upcoming project prior by making efficient planning and forecasting. Track the staff required for the project with experience and resources based on the estimated workload.

  • 9. Project Budgets

    Compare the budget forecasting data with actual expenses on the ongoing project. Use Project Service Automation to track and manage project budgets and budget revisions to ensure on-budget project delivery.

  • 10. Increase Productivity

    Empower your employees to do their best! Use intuitive and collaborative tools of Dynamics Project Service Automation with Microsoft Office 365 Apps integration to ensure greater productivity.

Do you want to unleash more ways how your business can manage projects effectively? Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts are here to discuss your specific business requirements.

We’ll start with a comprehensive review of your business and its current processes. Our experts will identify the main problems, layout a plan accordingly, and implement the Project Service Automation Solution that works best for you.

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